‘University Of Dope’ Card Game Tests Your Hip-Hop Knowledge

The drinking card game is meant to honor Hip Hop hits, as well as history.

Two Black women are expanding upon Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary in an innovative way. Their card game, University of Dope, seeks to engage players on facts regarding the artists and songs of the genre.

The inspiration behind the game was sparked by its creators, A.V. “$upreme” Perkins and Marian “Skinny Bee” Andoh-Clark, from a simple discussion on their love of the art form, and more specifically, Hip Hop’s Wu-Tang Clan. When the two could not find a drinking game with a theme based on the iconic rap group, the entrepreneurs decided to take on the task themselves.

However, the women did not stop with the New York City Hip-Hop collective, but widened their content to honor a range of artists who have made a name for themselves in the genre. Now, with the game gaining its own popularity, played by Method Man, Peter Guns, and D Nice, University of Dope is building its own lane amidst Hip Hop’s 50th-anniversary celebrations

“What makes this game so significant in this year is that we are the children of Hip Hop.  Like we don’t know life before hip hop,” shared A.V. Perkins in conversation with media personality Jazmyn Summers for Newsone. “To grow up in the genre and see our greats still able to contribute to the genre and us to create our game, and just have all of that synergy is mind-blowing.”

The game tests one’s Hip-Hop knowledge and allows players to reminisce on their favorite hits while debating on hypothetical situations.

With its diverse gameplay and recognition of past and present Hip-Hop stars, University of Dope is keeping the party going with its “The Kickback” event in December, as part of the Art Basel festivities in Miami.

“We want to take game night and put it on its head,” expressed Perkins. “We’re bringing the nostalgia of old school hip hop and updating it with tech, making it an experience that connects people.”

The game, including its R&B and family-friendly versions, can be found on its website, in addition to retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

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