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Vacation Sex: Are We Friskier With Our Partners When Traveling?

Sex and travel have a way of bringing out the best in romance, as they liberate individuals from stress, offer a chance to unwind, and allow them to break free from their daily routines. Passport Photo Online recently conducted a survey involving over 1,000 Americans, shedding light on the fascinating mating habits of couples when they vacation together, the impact of technology on their relationships, and more

Unveiling the findings, the survey highlighted several interesting trends.

80% Believe Sex Is Better Away from Home

The majority of respondents expressed that they believe sex is more enjoyable when they are away from home. This sentiment appears to hold true regardless of gender, with 85% of respondents indicating that they tend to explore more adventurous aspects of their intimate relationships while on vacation.

Work Can Be a Barrier to Intimacy

For 82% of Americans, work can be a hindrance to intimacy while on vacation, with 33% of them stating that it consistently gets in the way. Balancing work and romance can prove to be a challenge when couples seek to connect intimately.

72% of Couples Are Open to Sex and Travel

Vacation seems to be a time when couples feel most inclined to experiment and fulfill their fantasies. According to Passport Photo Online, 72% of those surveyed expressed a willingness to explore new facets of their relationships while traveling.

Favorite Accessories for Vacation Sex

When it comes to enhancing their romantic experiences during vacations, Americans revealed their preferences for accessories.

  • Lubricants: Leading the list, lubricants were favored by 50% of respondents.
  • Sex Games: Close behind were sex games, chosen by 49%.
  • Lingerie: 46% of respondents opted for lingerie.
  • Sex Toys: 37% of couples indicated they brought sex toys to add excitement to their vacations.

It’s important to note that when traveling, it’s essential to be aware of local laws and regulations regarding sexual accessories. For instance, sex toys are illegal in certain destinations, including Thailand, The Maldives, the UAE, and Malaysia.

Preferred Venues for Intimate Encounters

Among the diverse settings available to couples while on vacation, hotel rooms ranked as the top choice, favored by 75% of respondents. Following closely were showers or bathtubs (65%), tents (60%), and rental cars (39%).

Fantasized Locations for Vacation Intimacy

When it comes to dream locations for vacation romance, survey participants revealed:

  • “On a beach” topped the list as the most fantasized location for vacation intimacy (51%).
  • “In nature” was the second most popular choice (49%).
  • “In the ocean or sea” followed closely behind, chosen by 45% of respondents.

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