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Von Miller Turns Himself in, now Victim Claims no assault

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Von Miller, linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, turned himself in to officials after his pregnant girlfriend accused him of assault.

However, now the victim is retracting her claims and states no assault occurred at all.

The Victim Retracts Claims

Two days after accusing her boyfriend of domestic abuse, according to WFAA, the victim is now stating that the incident never happened.

The woman wrote, “We’re fine. Things were blown way out of context. This is actually outrageous!” According to her, “No one assaulted anyone. This is insane. And sad.” She claims it was a “verbal disagreement” and a “huge misunderstanding.”

Initial Claims by the Vicitim

On November 29 at around 11:00 a.m., Dallas police received a “disturbance call”, where further investigation determined Miller and the woman had a verbal argument, escalating into a physical altercation.

WFAA reports the victim left the main bedroom and then slammed the door leading to an office in their apartment, which made Miller “visibly angry.” As stated by the pregnant girlfriend, Miller followed her to the office, while yelling and screamed, “Get out.” He allegedly shoved and pushed the victim, as she attempted to adhere to his wishes.

While Miller began getting physical, she yelled repeatedly, “Stop, I’m pregnant.” The victim claims Miller stepped on her foot and pushed her, resulting in her falling into a chair. Next, Miller is alleged to have placed a hand on her neck while applying pressure.

The altercation allegedly only got worse, as Miller allegedly snatched her phone, then proceeded to throw her laptop and stomped on it. He tugged on the victim’s hair, ripping a section of it from her scalp.

She started recording the domestic abuse on her phone when Miller witnessed and pushed her onto the couch and applied more pressure on her neck with both hands.

After telling Miller she was calling authorities, he allegedly left the scene.

Reports indicate the victim was not hospitalized, but only treated for minor injuries.

After officials arrived, they saw the victim with “minor abrasions” on her left hand, in addition to bruising on her neck, left biceps, and abdomen, as stated in the affidavit. The victim told officials she is six weeks pregnant.

After an arrest warrant was issued, Miller decided to turn himself into Glenn Heights Police Department. The warrant was for a third-degree felony: assaulting a pregnant person.

Miller was taken to the DeSoto Police Department jail, where he quickly posted a $5,000 bond and was released, according to WFAA.

The Buffalo Bills Speak Out

Von Miller, linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, seen during game day. Photo Courtesy: (Cooper Neil/ Getty Images)

After hearing the news, the Buffalo Bills put out a statement:

“This morning, we were made aware of an incident involving Von Miller. We are in the process of gathering more information and will have no further comment at this point.”

A spokesperson for the NFL claimed that the league is informed of the incident and has been in contact with the Bills.

Von Miller has been under investigation before

In 2021, he was under investigation by the Parker Colorado PD. However, the district attorney declined to further the charges. Furthermore, additional information regarding the investigation was not provided.

This story is developing.

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