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‘Voters Don’t Care,’ South Carolina Sen Says

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As we previously reported, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott is becoming more popular among GOP voters looking to put a Republican in the White House again. White conservatives love Scott because he’s a Black man who downplays racism and because…well, actually, that’s about it. But one issue keeps popping up that seems to be becoming somewhat of a nuisance for the melanated defender of white nationalism:

Tim Scott is not married.

Last month, Axios published an article about how some Republican donors who are seeking an alternative to the former commander-in-chief and current commander-in-legal-woes, Donald Trump, were interested in Scott but concerned he is not married. Sure, Trump was a whole married man when he was bragging about grabbing women by their nether regions, and Trump’s current wife shows about as much affection for him as a germaphobe shows a stranger’s toothbrush—but at least he’s married, right?

During a recent campaign stop, Scott, once again, had to defend his bachelorhood to the GOP voting block.

From NBC News:

Scott was asked about the report Thursday during a visit to Lago’s Ice Cream alongside New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a fellow Republican.

“People plant stories that have conversations to distract from our rise in the polls, to distract from our size of our audience,” Scott said. “What we’ve seen is that poll after poll says that the voters don’t care, but it seems like opponents do care, and so media coverage that opponents plant — it’s OK. Good news is we just keep fighting the good fight.”

Scott did not refer to a specific presidential rival in his answer.

Since he entered public office in 1995 as a member of the Charleston, South Carolina, City Council, Scott has never publicly dated, a fact that has distinguished him from many of his colleagues and political opponents.

NBC noted that James Buchanan was the only U.S. president in history who never married and Grover Cleveland was unmarried at the time he was elected, which means it has been 139 years since a bachelor was elected into the Oval Office. But, honestly, that’s not Scott’s issue. Scott’s problem is that, despite the fact that they worship the orange-tinted king of salaciousness, and despite the fact that they have no issue supporting other members of the GOP who are drowning in sex scandals (I’m looking at you, Matt Gaetz), Republicans are still pretending to be the party of traditional family values.

Then, again, maybe Scott is right and his bachelorhood isn’t a problem for his candidacy. It is 2023, after all. As long as Scott keeps tap-dancing and denying all racism except the racism against Republicans, he’ll probably be OK. Even if he never becomes president, he might still get the vote for the GOP’s favorite Black friend and modern-day house slave, married or not.


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