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WATCH: ‘High On The Hog’ Tells The Untold Story On How Blacks Shaped America’s Kitchen

Season 2 of Netflix’s acclaimed docu-series sees host Stephen Satterfield travel across the country to uncover the impact of African-American cuisine.

High on the Hog returns for a second season to celebrate the influence, resilience, and innovation of African-American food. Following the award-winning first season that traced the roots of a culinary history born in Africa and shaped by slavery in America, this four-part docu-series now delves into the culinary renaissance that burgeoned in the U.S. following emancipation. The next installment explores the creative renaissance that flourished in the U.S. post-emancipation.

Traveling to Louisiana, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, host Stephen Satterfield returns to break bread with chefs, artists, and activists. The series highlights innovators who harness the power of food to reclaim history, connect generations, and mobilize social justice movements. Adapted from food historian Dr. Jessica B. Harris’ book of the same name, High on the Hog season two reveals the moving and surprising untold stories of how Black Americans shaped America’s kitchen.

To celebrate the premiere of season two, Dr. Jessica B. Harris and Stephen Satterfield spoke with ESSENCE about the connect of food and the Black community, how they chose which locations to highlight, excitement for this new installment, and more.

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