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WATCH: Teacher Transforms Classroom Into ‘Trip To Mexico’

Students in Ms. Sonja White’s first-grade class may not know how lucky they are to have a teacher to make sure they’re exposed to travel early. In a now-viral video on TikTok, Ms. White transformed her classroom into the entire travel experience, including taking passport pictures, going through the TSA line in the airport, and boarding an airplane.

“Where are we headed to?” the video starts before a child responds, “We’re heading to the passport office.”

Ms. White takes the pictures of the children in the passport office before preparing their boarding passes.

The video gets even better as children pack their personal bags and carry-ons for their “Southwest flight” to Mexico.

“Now I turn into superwoman,” says Ms. White, who turns her classroom into an airplane. Before the children board, White transforms from superwoman to gate agent. She hands the students their passports and boarding passes. As each child gets on the plane, she crosschecks their pictures and documents.

Another teacher steps in as another flight attendant. She gives what appears to be the safety discussion before closing the classroom doors – now plane doors.

Next comes the snacks. White steps back in as a stewardess, giving children a choice between Capri Suns, apple juice, and chips.

First Graders Landing In Mexico

The first graders finally arrive in Mexico, and their first stop is customs.

“They’re getting their Mexico stamp and their paycheck,” says White. “Everything they do from here on out, they will have to pay me for.”

Students first go to the gift shop, where they can pick out a few things for their families and friends. The catch, however, is they have to tell Ms. White how much change she owes them if they don’t pay exact cash.

Next on the itinerary is a Mexican restaurant. One of the student’s mothers in the classroom made rice, enchiladas, and a special drink for students to enjoy. Another mom made chips and salsa, and after their big meal, the students indulged in Tres Leches cake.

TikTok Users Respond

The video has captured the hearts of other TikTok users who share the sentiment of how Ms. White is the kind of teacher students will never forget.

“OMG, Southwest flight attendant here. Please let me know next time how to contribute. This was amazing! You’re amazing,” one TikTok user responded to the video.

“I love teachers like this. The impact you guys have is so pure and will always be with them,” another TikTok user commented.

“At my big age, I wanna be in her class. How creative and fun,” another user stated.

Watch the fun video on TikTok here.

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