Well-Known Jacksonville Entrepreneur Accused Of Fraud

Janay White reportedly engaged in a variety of extensive “bad business practices” that led to a large scale scam.

Popular Jacksonville, Florida, entrepreneur Janay White has found herself in the hot seat for a slew of fraud allegations due to what investors claim are “bad business practices.”

As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, White is most known for being a formerly homeless mother of two children in Jacksonville who worked her way up to owning eight different businesses as well as 50 Airbnbs by attaining financial freedom through, as she has claimed, her own hard work to support her children.

However, the fraud suit paints White to be a disappointing business partner. Rayvon Griffon alleged that she was scammed for over $10,000 due to White’s systemic bad business practices. Griffin said she, like several other investors, were made to believe that they would be guaranteed to receive properties ready for renovation and later sell, but White allegedly never came through on her end of the deal.

Griffin reported in the lawsuit, “She’s good at avoiding things and questions, that’s when I realized I had to take a step back.”

Griffon was able to pull out and remain financially stable, but she admitted that she felt bad for investors who didn’t get so lucky and ended up losing everything that they had.

Griffin, along with other investors, have been listed as suing White for fraud, according to First Coast ABC News.

White has denied all the allegations of fraud. She claimed that the situation was an example of when deals fall through in business, and added that not all investments work out.

So far, a Facebook group has identified 9,400 alleged victims to the scam, but White claims that she “don’t even know that many people [so] that’s impossible.”

The investors’ attorney, Chris Dempsey, however says that he thinks White may have scammed more than $200,000 from various investors. 

White has remained unswayed, and urges people to not let “a few complaints” diminish all of the positive things she’s done for her community as she awaits her Dec. 4 court date. 

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