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Where To Stay in Santorini: The 8 Best Neighborhoods and Hotels

Santorini is a stunning Aegean destination and archipelago just off of mainland Greece. Each year, the island collection attracts a multitude of travelers from all over the world. Although it offers a great setting for romantic getaways, the area also offers plenty to solo travelers and families. 

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, the islands offer unprecedented natural beauty and luxury stays that can not be found anywhere else. Visitors also enjoy that the island is small and easily commutable, so there are distinct areas they can see in one visit. Check out the the best popular, romantic, relaxing and beachfront areas that are all within Santorini and the best accommodation for each. 

Where To Stay in Santorini: The Popular Areas

Firs and Oia are the best rated popular areas of Santorini. Check out the best accommodations available in each village.

These areas may be best for first-timers who want to get a feel for the island. Fira and Oia are commercial areas that have bars and nightclubs, which are not found in other areas. It is easy to get around the tourist areas because the best public transport is found here. 


Fira is the capital of Santorini and is one of the island’s main cities. It is home to the main bus station, so it is a good option for travelers who prefer not to rent a car and stay near attractions. It is also known as the hub for nightlife, so visitors will never get bored. 

Anteliz Santorini offers suites that are intimate and luxurious. Guests can indulge in spa services, concierges that assist with booking excursions and the Solis Occasum, an authentic Greek restaurant and bar. The views at Anteliz are striking and are best observed around sunset or near the luxe rooftop pool. 


This area is a main town and a popular place for travelers, so it attracts tourists year-round. Oia offers premium accommodations and has plenty of high-end boutique shopping opportunities. As the cruise port and drop-off point, this coastal town is usually bustling, so travelers can either research and avoid the cruise crowds or enjoy the multicultural atmosphere. 

The Charisma Suites are located in the heart of Oia and are highly recommended. The suites offer panoramic views, private balconies, private outdoor jet tubs, 24-hour room service, transportation services and massage services in room. À la carte breakfast and the hotel’s elegant Mediterranean restaurant are available for guests who want a taste of Santorini. 

Electrify Your Romantic Getaway to Santorini 

Santorini is known for its romantic appeal and stunning views that are great backdrops to couple photos. learn why Pyrgos and Imerovigli are where to stay in Santorini if you want to have a romantic visit.

The most romantic areas of Santorini boast Grecian charm and a (comparatively) quiet backdrop for couples to enjoy each other’s presence. Many couples take breathtaking photos in these towns or book adventurous activities in the area. Here is where you should stay in Santorini if you are a couple.


Pyrgos is known for its excellent views. It has the highest village elevation and has panoramic views of the sunset. It also provides some privacy since it is set in the mountains. Couples will appreciate the lack of crowds and opportunities to take catamaran cruises, jet ski tours, horse beach rides and scuba diving trips, to name a few. 

Alleys All-Suite Hotel and spa offers an array of sophisticated suites. Guests can choose from suites that have hot tubs and sea views for their romantic getaway. The Ethereal Spa offers a private escape for couples to indulge in and has a sauna, hammam (steam bath) and soothing massage rooms. 


This village is considered one of the most romantic in Santorini due to its chill atmosphere and unreal views. The town itself is called the “balcony to the Aegean Sea” and its name translates to the word “viewpoint,” which highlights its best feature, the striking nature surrounding it. 

The Iconic of Santorini is a boutique cave hotel that overlooks the pristine blue waters of the Aegean Sea below. The hotel offers special packages for honeymooners and couples wanting to wine and dine in the Greek sanctuary. Guests also have access to a restaurant, lobby bar, signature spa services and 24-hour room service to make their visit the perfect romantic getaway. 

Relaxing Greek Neighborhoods To Wind Down In

The best relaxing neighborhoods of Santorini are Firostefani and Thirassia. Check out why the are the best options and where to stay.

These areas are lesser known because they are not filled with tourists so they are ideal for those who want to get away from it all. If looking for the slower-paced parts of Santorini, check out these towns that showcase the areas less exposed to tourism.


As part of the quiet and seclusive side of the Greek Islands, Firostefani has quaint, narrow walkways and is home to traditional and cozy spots. Although Firostefani is near Fira, the more tranquil side of Santorini offers less crowds and is less expensive in general. It is within a 10-minute walking distance of the more lively areas but is still considered its own borough. 

The Agali Houses in Firostefani offer concierges, rooftop terraces, continental buffet breakfasts, spa services and rooms with outdoor hot tubs and private pools. Agali Cafe has an extensive cocktail list and has light meals, salads and desserts available for guests. If something more hearty is preferable, there are plenty of restaurants nearby this tranquil suburban hotel.


This island is nearly untouched by tourism and is considered a virgin island. The hidden gem is a perfect place for travelers wanting the authentic Greek experience. Thirassia is reminiscent of historic Santorini and plays a big part in the local culture. With only around 150 permanent residents and less tourism, it is clear how the area has remained less influenced by modern culture. 

Thirassia only has a few options for accommodations, so exclusive resorts may be the ideal choice for visitors who want to ensure they have privacy. The Perivolas Hideaway is an accommodation that some celebrities love since it is in a quiet and private cove. The unique waterfront property is accessible by sea only and offers an array of services to its guests.

Best Areas in Santorini for Beach Lovers

The black sand beaches are one of the most popular features of Santorini. Read about why Kamari and Perivolos are the beast beachfront areas and the best places to stay.

The beaches of Santorini are unique due to their volcanic nature and have special rock formations and stunning landscapes. With black, red and white lava pebbles, the beach is a site to see during a visit to Santorini. 


Kamari is a village on the east coast of Santorini with rugged landscapes. Kamari Beach is one of the most popular stops in Santorini and is known for its black sand and cafe-lined promenade. The seaside village is a part of most island tours and is ideal for families, couples and solo travelers who want to enjoy a leisurely beach day. 

The Boathouse is the premier waterfront hotel in Kamari. Guests can choose between spacious suites and double rooms that look out to the Kamari beach, which is just steps away from the hotel. This accommodation has fewer features (like spas and concierges), but also is a prime location for travelers that prioritize beach time. 


This area is lively and provides a more upscale experience for its visitors. Perivolos offers laidback luxury, a vibrant atmosphere and of course, the Perivolos Beach. The beach in Perivolos offers crystal clear water, black volcanic sand, plenty of water sports and luxurious villas. 

The Orabel Suites are centrally located and offer many amenities and attractions. Guests can indulge in private wine tours, volcanic hikes and take relaxing sails around the island. The culinary delights at the hotel are farm-to-table and are inspired by authentic Greek and international recipes. The Orabel promotes its mission of wellness through its spa, which offers healing and therapeutic services, cosmetic treatments and private jacuzzi experiences. 

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