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Where Was ‘Eragon’ Filmed? Experience the Fantasy World Abroad

“Eragon” is a 2006 film based off of the fantasy novel written by Christopher Paolini and directed by Stefen Fangmeier. The fantasy film earned $250.4 million in box office sales on a $100 million dollar budget. The 20th Century Fox movie follows a farm boy in the land of Alagaesia, which is ruled by an evil monarch in seemingly medieval times. Eragon, the main character, finds a dragon egg (who is later named Saphira) which catalyzes the return to glory of his homeland’s Dragon Riders and the possibility of restoring power to the people. 

The fantasy world of Alagaesia sets the scene for Eragon’s story to unfold and the varied weather conditions make his journey much more complex. Alagaesia translates to “fertile land” in Paolini’s fictional “Ancient Language” (similar to Norse and Celtic languages) and is home to humans, elves, dwarves, urgals and dragons. This diverse and fantastical type of story demanded a filming location befitting all of these fantasy creatures. Ahead is everything to know about where this adventure fantasy movie was actually filmed and why fans and travelers alike should visit the destinations.

Eragon Filming locations 

Explore the filming locations of the film "Eragon". Where was the film made and what do the locations have to offer.


Hungary was the main country where the film was shot. The opening scenes where Eragon and his uncle are in the forest and he finds the dragon egg were filmed in Budapest. The grandeur castle of Alagaesia’s evil king, which is the setting of the siege, was captured in the Hungarian Fót Studios with CGI and VFX. Tatabánya, Sarvar and Celldomolk are among the other locations in the country that provided beautiful scenery for the film adaptation. Tatabánya, in particular, was the location for cave scenes throughout the film.


Outdoor scenes for the film, like when Eragon rides Saphira, were captured in Canada. The misty mountains of Canada provided plenty of open space for the team to film outdoor sequences that involved the make-believe dragon that Eragon bonds with. Since much of the plot of the film involves being entrenched in the woods, Canada provided the perfect backdrop with its forests as it is the third most forested country in the world by area. 


Filming for the fantasy movie was done in High Tatras, Slovakia. Exterior shots were taken there and added to the story’s traveling quest motif. Slovakia provided a change in scenery and borders Hungary, so it was close in proximity to the other filming location. Aerial shots of the mountainous areas of Slovakia were used for the film’s climax and shots of dragons. 

Why Visit Eragon Film Locations

Learn more about where "Eragon" was filmed and why the destinations are highly sought after by travelers.

While Hungary is a smaller country, it has a thriving tourism industry. The romantic architecture, cosmopolitan capital city and ample amount of thermal baths attract tourists that seek to appreciate the country’s natural beauty and more recently, “Eragon’s” stunning landscapes. Fans can explore the central area of Budapest before experiencing the lush and rural lands that can take them back to the dragon-filled world of Alagaesia. 

Canada, on the other hand, is a common filming location, so travelers will find movie tours are easily accessible. Because Canada provided spectacular scenery for outdoor shots, visitors and fans can enjoy the beautiful nature and background scenes depicted in the film.

High Tatras in Slovakia is the smallest alpine mountain range in the world. Mount Kriván is the gem of the High Tatras, but the mountain range also has some of the highest peaks in Slovakia. Long distance hikers will enjoy visiting this area around mid June to late October for the best adventure sports experiences. 

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