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Why You Should Consider Living On A Residential Cruise Ship

Travel is another way to add excitement and flair to your life. For some people, they fit traveling in when and if they can. However, for others, traveling is a lifestyle that goes beyond a temporary vacation. In fact, some travelers are dedicating their lives to living on the sea. 

Residential cruise ships are becoming more popular. Initially, the luxury sea complex The World was the only option for those looking to live on the ocean full-time. However, in 2024, a new company called Storylines will launch its own vessel with 547 residential units for those who want to call a cruise ship home for extended periods.

“What a typical cruise line might do in one month or three weeks, we will take three to four months to do,” Storylines founder and CEO Alister Punton told CNN. 

Living aboard a residential cruise ship has a plethora of perks that avid travelers love. In addition to the all-inclusive lifestyle that comes with cruising, access to a close-knit community, more reasonable pricing, and daily exploration are making some consider residential cruise ship living as a viable option.

Everyday Is An Exploration 

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Like a traditional cruise, residential cruise ships still dock at ports across the globe. This makes adventure and exploration a regular occurrence for those living on the ships. The World has a variety of expeditions for residents to choose from. From exploring Antarctica to cruising the Kimberley in Australia, there’s a destination for every lifestyle. 

Traditionally, travelers would have to book a vacation to experience an out-of-town adventure. Residential cruise ships provide nonstop thrills both on and off the ship. In addition to scheduled stops, Storyline will also offer “residence choice” stops where those abroad can pick where the ship goes next.

Some Cost Less Than Buying A House  

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The World has been operating residential cruise ships for 20 years. However, the luxury complex comes at a steep ticket. According to Insider, it’s difficult to secure a unit aboard vessels and travelers should expect to pay at least $2 million for the extended cruise. With Storylines setting sail in 2024, travelers will have a cheaper option for residential cruise ship living. 

“With a full outright purchase, the resident owners get a perpetuity clause, which means they are able to roll over into a new residence on a future ship without an additional purchase, making this a long-term investment,” Punton said.

The new company will offer units starting at $400,000 for outright purchases. There will also be a limited number of units available for lease according to CNN. Other companies like Villa Vie Residences will offer residential cruise ship units for as low as $100,00 which is cheaper than buying a house in some American cities.

Another Option For Retiring Travelers 

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Millennials are getting older. Retirement age seems closer with each passing birthday. Whether millennials like to admit it or not, it’s time to start making plans for retirement and residential cruise ship living could be an option for some. 

Extended cruise ship living is a viable option for millennial travelers who still want to see the world once they retire. Everything is all in one place and travelers could spend the rest of their lives exploring different destinations and cruising the sea. This eliminates the hassle of planning trips in your senior years and consolidates everything you need into one location out on the ocean.

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