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Why You Should Embrace Bold Lipsticks This Fall– According To The Pros

Why You Should Embrace Bold Lipsticks This Fall– According To The Pros

What better way to complement the warm tones– from the turning leaves, to cinnamon-spiced lattes– that surround us as the season changes from summer to fall? Don’t be afraid to be bold and playful by painting your pout hues of red, brown, and purple. As celebrity makeup artist Mali Magic tells ESSENCE, “I love wearing lipstick in the fall because it’s a great time to experiment with rich colors similar to the season’s aesthetic. I’m always inspired by nature.”

Makeup artist and podcast host, Delina Medhin, also agrees, adding that Fall is the perfect time for reds and browns. Sheika Daley echoes this and also reminds us that these tones can add a touch of luxury to any look. “A deep red or vampy plum always manages to balance sexy and chic at the same time.” 

Below, to help get you ready for fall, and beyond, 4 makeup pros share their go-to lipsticks for the season as well as their top lipstick application techniques. After all, any time, as Sir John says, “a carefully chosen lipstick can instantly make you feel confident and ready to take on the world.”

Mali Magic

Her favorite fall lipsticks:

“Fall symbolizes a season of transformation and bold statements. Now’s the ideal moment to shift from our lightweight summer lip gloss and reach for our favorite lipsticks. I love the flexibility of a deeply pigmented lipstick since I can either wear it as it is or gently blot the top layer for a soft, stained velvety wash of color. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipsticks are my favorite because they’re packed with color and the formula is extremely comfortable on the lips. Since we have been obsessed with all things caramel, latte and chocolate, try Bobbi Brown Luxe lipsticks in Boutique Brown & Brownstone. You will not be disappointed.”

Her lipstick application technique:

“As a brown girl, I’m always going to apply lipstick the way my mother taught me. Choose a lip liner a few shades darker than your complexion to line the lips and apply the lipstick on top. This method is suitable and flattering on all skin tones.”

Delina Medhin

Her favorite fall lipsticks:

“I love wearing browns and reds in the fall. One of my favorites is Prune Noire from Chanel. I used it today with Violette FR and the combination is *chef’s kiss.* Additionally, I love The Lip Bar’s Bawse Lady, Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in Mysterieuse by Chanel.” 

Her lipstick application technique:

“I love using lip liner when I wear lipstick. I always do this for my clients and myself. It helps define the shape of the lip. And, when working with lipstick, it’s a great way to even enhance the shape of the lip.” 

Sir John

His favorite fall lipsticks:

“First up, you can’t go wrong with Intoxicating Rouge from Kilian Cosmetics. It’s like the perfect red – not too cool, not too warm. Red lipsticks never go out of style; they’ve been a beauty must-have forever. When you rock a red, you mean business. And speaking of Kilian Cosmetics, Nude Goddess is another winner. It has this lovely, rosy nude tone with a neutral vibe that suits all kinds of skin tones and goes with any look. Then there’s Danessa Myricks’ Dew it Undercover Dewy Cheek & Lip Palette. These rich shades are versatile, perfect for enhancing your cheeks and lips, and they’re one of my must-haves for the fall. From a technical angle, the shade Chaar from the CTZN Cosmetics’ Lipstroke collection is my top choice for seamlessly complementing the Dew it Undercover palette during the fall season.”

His lipstick application techniques:

“I have a few lipstick application techniques that I find work great. I prefer applying lipstick before using lip liner because it conserves product and saves time. Lip liner can also be employed to shape the lips as desired. In situations where time is limited, a useful trick is utilizing lipstick as a blush. By using a soft brush, on the back of your hand to control the amount of product, apply the same lipstick color you used on your lips as a blush for a harmonious, monochromatic look.”

Sheika Daley

Her favorite fall lipsticks:

“I’m in love with the new Drama Matte lipsticks by Lancôme! My new favorite color is French touch. It’s a beautiful autumn, burnt orange and red that really amplifies any look. It’s very sultry and perfect for the fall.”

Her lipstick application technique:

“I Like to use a liner similar or darker than the shade I’m using and fill in the entire lip as an amazing base and amplifier for my lipstick. It also helps with the long wear of the lipstick and bleeding.” 

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