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Working Out Together Helped This Couple Transform Their Health — And Strengthen Their Bond

Working Out Together Helped This Couple Transform Their Health — And Strengthen Their Bond
Tamara Fleming

With a little over 10 weeks left in the year, some people might be planning to take the bull by the horns once 2024 comes knocking to prioritize their health and be more active. But who says you can only have a fresh start when a new year begins? And who says you have to do it all alone?

A great way to be and stay motivated is to exercise with your romantic partner. Morace and Elaine Landy know plenty about the perks of doing so. The couple, based out of New Jersey, are a team in life and in the gym. Both married previously, they have been an item for more than three years and married for one. And though they have been active in one way or another since they were young people, they started seriously working out often, and doing so side by side, ever since Morace received some alarming news about his health when they were dating.

“Morace was informed that he was borderline diabetic, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This news was a wake-up call, immediately prompting us to reevaluate our lifestyles,” says Elaine, 58. “I took the initiative to change his diet and establish a strict workout regimen for him. But this wasn’t just about his health; it became a shared commitment to our well-being. We realized that by supporting each other and making healthier choices together, we could address his health concerns and embark on a journey toward better overall health and happiness.”

The decision to change their way of living and their fitness efforts also helped Morace face down a prostate cancer diagnosis months after they married. “I firmly believe that the changes we had made to my diet and the commitment to a serious workout routine prepared me physically and mentally for the radiation treatment that lay ahead,” Morace, 63, says. “Remarkably, I went through the treatment without experiencing any side effects, a testament to the transformative power of lifestyle changes and the unwavering support of my loving wife.” It’s also something they realized brought them closer.

Working Out Together Helped This Couple Transform Their Health — And Strengthen Their Bond
Tamara Fleming

“Engaging in activities with my husband strengthens our bond by creating cherished, shared experiences, promoting open and heartfelt communication, deepening our trust, and providing moments of stress relief,” she shares. “These activities foster a profound sense of togetherness and shared goals, ultimately fortifying our relationship.”

Realizing this positive impact, the couple created a program, Remarriage Revolution, to help other couples not only get into fitness together, but also build stronger, more connected relationships. With that in mind, we asked the pair to share five moves that are good for any level of workout experience and are even better for partners to engage in together. These are the ones they do at least three times a week to connect and stay healthy. Try them out and keep their joint advice in mind.

“The most significant way to show and grow love is to be healthy and accountable to one another,” they say. “When you engage your partner with a workout, you cement accountability, social connection, eye contact, touch, and love.”

Wall sit while passing a ball to each other. “This strengthens the thighs while working the obliques and strengthens the core.”

Do partner squats. “This is standing in front of each other, holding hands and then squatting. This helps with balance while working the lower body and is a great way to have fun.”

Tightrope walk across the room. “This helps with balance.”

Side step and hold with one leg bent behind. “This is another balance and hip strengthening routine.”

One leg balance with a partner at the side. “This too helps with balance and strengthens the hip.”

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