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What is a Lunar Eclipse and what are its Manifesting Benefits?

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, at 4:15 p.m. ET, the lunar eclipse in Taurus will finally make her long-awaited center stage debut, signaling the final eclipse of the year.

Taurus as the sign of abundance will not only be hosting this powerful Full Moon but will be amplified by the placement of Jupiter (the planet of abundance) which is currently stationed in Taurus as well – making this a double impact time to usher in big moola!

What makes this eclipse extra-extra special is that it is also the final two-year eclipse of a two-year Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle (which started on November 19, 2021) which has focused heavily on shadow wounds, resources, values, power, wealth, and authority.

Take a moment and think about the major changes that your personal and financial life has undergone these past two years.

Right!!? Lots going down.

With this eclipse being in the sign of abundance Taurus while Jupiter (the planet of abundance is in Taurus) I wanted to focus on calling wealth, ease, and abundance.

If you can try and do these rituals during the actual eclipse however take note that the energy of the eclipse will remain potent for about 48 hours afterward and about 5-10 hours prior to the start of the eclipse.

In this article, I will be showing you how to make the following ritual items focused on abundance:

Eclipse Abundance Water & How to Use It

A Taurus Themed Sacred Abundance Bath

A Money Jar + Money Oil + Money Petition

Before delving into the rituals here’s how you pull the rituals all together during the eclipse or whenever you do the ritual. Take note that aside from the Eclipse Abundance Water you can take the bath and work your money jar anytime you need to call in abundance. A great time to do this is on Fridays, the 8th day of the Month and during a Full or New Moon.

Ready for your instructions? Continue for more on the rituals.

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