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2 London cops dismissed after stop and search on Black couple

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Two of London’s Metropolitan police officers were dismissed from duty after a stop and search of a Black athletic couple.

The incident occurred on July 4, 2020, in which the couple deemed they were racially profiling.

Bianca Williams and Ricardo Dos Santos were driving home with their 3-month-old son when both noticed they were being watched by police.

The officers followed them to their home, then handcuffed them for suspicion of drugs and weapons.

The officers never found anything in their vehicle

On October 25, a disciplinary panel heard the officers state they trailed the vehicle due to Dos Santos’ “appalling” and “suspicious” driving, and they were doing their job when they regulated the incident.

The panel concluded that the two officials, Jonathan Clapham and Sam Franks, lied about smelling cannibis during the search.

Chiew Yin Jones, the panel’s chair, stated their behavior interfered with the standards of professional discipline in terms of honesty and integrity.

As a result, both officials were dismissed without notice

The panel concluded that it is unproven that Clapham and Franks disobeyed equality and diversity standards in their conduct. The three other officers were cleared.

Williams, a sprint relay gold medalist at the 2018 European Championships, recorded the incident, which was posted online.

With the release of the video and the formal hearing, Williams prays that the Metropolitan Police will be “more honest” about their “culture of racism.”

Dos Santos believes he was accused of “bad driving, threatening violence, and drugs” because of “racial stereotypes.” He believed the officers impeded him for “DWB—Driving While Black.”

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Dos Santos continued, saying, ‘We’ve supported the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) case over the past three years, and it highlighted what most Black people are far too aware of, regardless of their background, education, and employment.

They are nine times more likely to be stopped by the Met and three times more likely to be handcuffed.”

The panel determined that the officers “still have a long way to go to earn the trust of our communities, particularly our Black communities, when it comes to our use of stop and search.”

The force’s deputy assistant commissioner stated, “Mr. Dos Santos and Ms. Williams deserved better, and I apologize to them for the distress they have suffered.”

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