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2012 Video Sparks Outrage of South African Students in Blackface

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A resurfaced video from 2012
shows White students in blackface has recently took social media by storm. 

The video which was viewed on X, conveys Afriforum Youth, a white non-governmental organization in South Africa, protesting for minority rights. They deemed themselves as minorities, compared to African-Americans.

The group began protesting admissions policies at the University of Pretoria’s sole veterinary institute at the Department of Higher Education and Training.

In the video, the members of the organizations accuse school officials of discriminatory behavior against White students. To showcase the unfair treatment, the group decided to paint their faces Black.

They stated it was attempt to indicate how they need to be viewed as Black for equal treatment. 

Many X users were outraged by the video. One user stated, “This is what happens when you forgive people who never asked for forgiveness.” 

Another stated, stated “I’m just speechless….Pissed off to the point where I can’t even express myself.”

Students in blackface were not admitted

Ironically, the 30 students in Afriforum Youth were not admitted to the school, but they believe that’s because they aren’t Black, according to Independent Outline.

Charl Oberholzer, Youth Chairman, stated that “every year, 140 students are admitted to the veterinary science faculty and only 22 White matriculates from the 2011 group may be admitted.”

in blackface
A resurfaced news video from 2012 showing several white South African students wearing Blackface is drawing a lot of attention on the social platform X, formerly known as Twitter. (Photos: Twitter/@LeratoN_)

Although the university stated that only 22 White individuals would be enrolled that year, they did proclaim that more White students could have been admitted, but they registered prior to last year.

Moreover, those students had experience with tertiary education and would be considered for admission after studying animal science or biological science for a year.

The group protested against a policy designed to provide safe spaces and educational opportunities to both disadvantaged students and foreign students, so they can become veterinarians.

Despite the purpose, the Afriforum Group took the policy as “racial targeting” towards White students.

Social media users have called out the racist act and continue to condemn the newly discovered decade-old footage.

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