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45 Hawaiian Girl Names for Your Beautiful New Baby

If you find yourself setting out on your next adventure and it happens to be the joy of parenthood, chances are you are looking for the perfect name for your new baby girl. You may want a name that sounds as beautiful as your girl looks, or something to remind you of your most recent trip. Perhaps you’re also looking for a name instilled with grace and power; a namesake you desire your baby to follow after. If this is the case, a Hawaiian girl’s name might be the right fit for you.

Hawaiian names tend to carry with them beautiful meanings inspired by nature, the ocean, and the sky itself. In many ways, a Hawaiian girl’s name wraps up the beauty of the islands into one simple, yet profound word. When uttered it can carry with it the power of the wind through tall majestic palm trees; the strength of crashing waves against the shore; and the brilliance of a setting sun against the backdrop of the horizon.

Take a look at these 45 Hawaiian girl names with translations. They have been collected here for you to peruse and, hopefully, find the best name that captures, not just memories of your travels, but also, your hopes and dreams for your new bundle of joy.

45 Hawaiian Girl Names for Your New Baby

Leilani – “Heavenly flowers” or “Royal child”

Kailani – “Sea and sky”

Noelani – “Mist of heaven”

Malie – “Calm” or “Peaceful”

Nalani – “Quiet skies”

Malia – “Beloved”

Kaia – “The sea”

Lani – “Sky” or “Heaven”

Kiana – “Moon goddess”

Halia – “Fond remembrance”

Kalea – “Happiness” or “Joy”

Momi – “Pearl”

Lokelani – “Small red rose”

Anela – “Angel”

Iolana – “Soaring like a hawk”

Kaiulani – “Royal sea”

Hoku – “Star”

Kamalani – “Child of the gods”

Keani – “The breeze”

Kehaulani – “Heavenly mist”

Makamae – “Precious” or “Treasured”

Nalani – “The heavens”

Pualani – “Heavenly flower”

Aolani – “Cloud from heaven”

Leimomi – “Pearl lei”

Nohealani – “Heavenly mist”

Ululani – “Inspiration from heaven”

Akela – “Graceful and noble”

Kealani – “Glorious chief”

Iwalani – “Heavenly seagull”

Mehana – “Warmth” or “Warm-hearted”

Noelani – “Heavenly mist”

Ailani – “High chief”

Iolani – “Hawk of heaven”

Kahale – “House” or “Home”

Kalei – “Beloved”

Liko – “Budding leaf”

Malie – “Calm” or “Peaceful”

Nani – “Beauty” or “Beautiful”

Palila – “Bird”

Kai – “Sea” or “Ocean”

Pilialoha – “Beloved companion”

Mililani – “Heavenly caress”

Laulani – “The winner”

Ailani – “High chief”

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