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4tee Acres Exposes HBCU Students to Golf

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Angel Rich-Jones and her husband Karl Jones have started a non-profit initiative named 4tee Acres. This program is designed for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and state schools, aiming to expose students to golf. 

According to Golf Digest, fewer than 1% of all PGA of America members are African American. 

This initiative provides HBCU students access to quality golf equipment, apparel, and clinics. It facilitates participation in golf tournaments, supports recruitment endeavors, and establishes a pathway towards becoming a PGA professional. 

Angel Rich-Jones 4tee Acres Instagram
Angel Rich-Jones 4tee Acres Instagram

4tee Acres is going beyond golf

However, 4tee Acres goes beyond golf to foster the acquisition of practical life skills. Some of their goals include increasing students’ financial literacy, as well as STEM programming.

The organization offers scholarships and resources that help empower members to achieve their academic and career goals. 4tee Acres also endeavors to advance diversity within golf by encouraging Black women to become members.

Angel, an alumna of Hampton University and a board member of Bowie State University Foundation discovered her passion for golf while playing at the Woodmore County Club.

Her husband Karl who attended Howard University and pursued a career in educational technology is excited to offer his mentorship to members of 4tee Acres.

In developing the initiative the couple partnered with J.P. Lunn, President of the Middle Atlantic PGA Reach Foundation. Lunn adds to the program by providing access to PGA professionals, and extensive golf experience. 

Angel expresses the significance of breaking down barriers and expanding opportunities for HBCU students. She envisions a limitless future for young Black golfers. 4tee Acres is committed to promoting equity in golf and fostering growth from students to professionals.

20 HBCUs have golf programs

The program works through collaborating with educational institutions to enhance diversity within the golf industry. The 4tee Acres website includes a list of the 20 HBCUs that currently have golf programs.

Each participating school will benefit from the program by inviting more students to engage in golf, financial literacy courses, and enhancing STEM programs.

With increased resources, 4tee Acres is working to provide quality golf clinics featuring lessons from PGA professionals, appropriately sized golf clubs, and attire from their upcoming fashion line.

4tee Acres is excited to introduce a new golf fashion line. The collection emphasizes designs that celebrate Black men and women. According to the 4tee Acres website, “Our members will be able to wear these items with pride, knowing that they are part of a community that is making a positive impact on HBCUs and beyond.”

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