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5 Best Ways To Prepare For Your HBCU Homecoming Trip

5 Best Ways To Prepare For Your HBCU Homecoming Trip
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Homecoming season is a special time for celebrating school spirit and pride in alma mater, and at HBCUs, homecomings have a unique significance. 

Now we know that homecoming can be an exciting time for any person proud of the institution they attended. But HBCU homecomings really do hit differently. Some may say I’m biased, but as a proud graduate of Howard University, it’s not up for debate!

HBCU Homecomings go beyond being just events; they represent a rich tapestry of heritage, pride, and excellence within the Black community. Homecomings serve as a reminder of this history and the resilience of Black communities and truly represent Black excellence in all its glory.  

In addition to providing vibrant displays of Black culture, HBCU homecomings also give local communities a significant boost economically by bringing visitors, boosting local businesses, and the local economy overall.

While no HBCU homecoming is the same, there truly is an art to ensuring you do it right, whether this is your first time or you attend every year. Here are five ways to prepare for your HBCU Homecoming Trip.

1. Planning Is An Art Form. Slacking Off Means You May Miss Out 

Purchase tickets, get the package deals where you can, and book the hotel and transportation early! Please get tickets to the football game or the step shows if you want to see it versus being on the outside but you can’t get in. 

2. Homecoming Is About Fun, But It’s Also About Fashion. Plan Your Outfits!

The yard at many HBCU campuses also doubles as an unofficial runway, so ensure your school paraphernalia is set and tailgate fits are purchased. For the off-campus events, ensure you have shoes and accessories to go with those fly two-piece sets, gala dresses, and suits. We all know we may end up on the gram or in a video dancing on TikTok, so you might as well look good. 

3. Plan A Meeting Spot For Your Crew

There’s nothing worse than spending precious party time looking for your friends. With so many people gathered in one area, cell service will be diminished, so set a meeting point at events to find each other in case you are separated.

4. Choose Your Events Wisely

There’s a lot happening over just a few days, from day parties to nighttime fetes with tailgates, bar crawls, and brunches in between, so choose which events work best for you and stick to it. It’s okay if you can’t do all. We want you to make it through the weekend safely. 

5. Take Time To Give Back 

 Homecoming events offer valuable networking opportunities for students and alumni. It’s a chance for students to connect with potential mentors and alumni to give back to their alma mater and support the next generation of Black leaders. Whether it’s money or your time, think about ways you can give back to the institution that gave so much to you or be of service to a place that poured into someone you know.

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