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5 Underrated Destinations To Add To Your 2024 Travel Bucket List

The new year is around the corner and travelers from everywhere are preparing for another year of seeing the world. Committed travelers are already booking flights. Many people are also finding new ways to save and travel efficiently. However, most of all, their 2024 travel bucket lists are getting new destinations added to them every day. 

There’s no doubt that certain places are travel hotspots every year. However, more travelers are looking to travel outside of what’s trending in 2024. If you’re seeking fresh places to visit in the new year, here are five underrated destinations to add to your 2024 travel bucket list.


2024 Travel Bucketlist
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Many travelers usually visit the same tropical destinations when they’re looking for some sun. While both Jamaica and the Bahamas have incredible appeal, Belize is rising as a hotspot for travel in 2024. What’s lovely about Belize is that it has the best of both worlds. Toward the inland, travelers will find lush rainforest terrains to fulfill their ultimate jungle travel adventure. On the other side, there are miles of beautiful beaches, water sports, and five-star resort experiences. For those looking for beachside, tropical vibes, Belize is a prime destination for visiting in the new year. 

North Dakota Badlands

Traveling nature lovers are heading to the Badlands in North Dakota in 2024. The destination is landing on bucket lists for a variety of reasons. Although not as popular as the South Dakota Badlands, the area is much less crowded. This gives travelers and outdoorsmen a front-row seat to miles of natural landscapes, wild animals, and historical landmarks. The North Dakota Badlands is home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Amongst the roaming bison, wild stallions, and prairie dogs, travelers will also find Theodore Roosevelt’s log cabin where the former president resided in the 1800s. 


2024 Travel Bucketlist
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There are so many things to do when visiting Slovenia. The country sits between Italy and Croatia and is oftentimes overlooked for other European destinations. However, travelers are packing their bags and heading there in 2024. Like the Badlands, Slovenia is another hidden gem for nature lovers. There’s a lot to see outside. From exploring the depths of the Vintar Gorge to discovering the magical dragon statues in Ljubljana, Slovenia is worthy of making the 2024 travel bucket list. 

The Finger Lakes 

The Finger Lakes are a truly underrated destination in New York. Despite being a hidden gem, the Finger Lakes is considered one of the best wine countries worth visiting in 2024. There are eleven lakes collectively spread out over multiple small towns in the area. No matter which you pick, each destination has incredible views of the lakes, mesmerizing wine, and a plethora of museums to explore, too. 


2024 Travel Bucketlist
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Vietnam has grown as a popular travel destination and more travelers are looking to head there in the new year. Joining the 2024 travel bucket list is the Vietnamese city of Vinh Long. Travelers have to go through the city to enter the Mekong Delta and it’s perfect for a day trip when exploring the Asian country. The allure of the ancient pottery-making districts, biking through the marketplaces, and having adventures in the countryside is making Vinh Long one destination travelers can’t wait to visit.

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