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5 Ways To Experience Black Culture in Scotland

The children of the African Diaspora have spread out over the world far and wide. While some places have a rich and documented Black history, in other places Black culture may seem a bit scarce. Some European destinations, like Scotland, don’t rise to the top of the list when it comes to experiencing Black culture while traveling. 

However, Black travelers continue to seek out Black experiences wherever they go in the world. Whether it’s multicultural glimpses into the past or businesses opened by Black expats, every destination has a bit of Black culture sprinkled in somewhere. Next time you’re in Scotland, check out a few of these shops and experiences rooted in Black culture.

Enjoy Kenyan Cuisine Knights Kitchen

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If you’re looking for delicious African-inspired cuisine, be sure to visit Knights Kitchen. The recipes and menu items are influenced by Kenyan and East African cuisine. It’s Black-owned with a hefty dose of plant-based delicacies perfect for vegan and vegetarian travelers. Owner Mama Jikoni aims to not only fill stomachs with her food but also to fill the hearts and minds of everyone who eats there. Knights Kitchen serves up plenty of African favorites with a bit of Scottish charm. 

Visit The Stadium Ruins Where Andrew Watson Played 

Andrew Watson was a famous soccer player who dominated the field in Scotland over one hundred years ago. Although Black history in the European country can be hard to uncover, there is no denying the greatness of Watson’s skill. Watson was the first Black captain of an international soccer team and became famous while playing as a student at the University of Glasgow. Today, archaeologists have excavated a portion of what they believe to be the original school stadium where Watson played. There’s also a giant mural there honoring the Black soccer star. 

Shop At The Good Store

Photo credit: @thegoodstorescott/Instagram

A Black-owned grocery store in Edinburgh, The Good Store aims to provide high-quality food options while fighting against plastic pollution. It’s owned by two sisters and is independently owned and operated. For those visiting Scotland and staying in a vacation rental property, The Good Store is a great place to stock up on food, snacks, and drinks before settling in. The sisters pride themselves on working with local vendors to provide customers with plastic-free goods to meet their food needs. 

Get Your Hair Done At A Touch Of Silk 

Scotland probably isn’t at the top of your list for places to get a silk press. However, if you need hair care while visiting, A Touch Of Silk can get you together. The salon specializes in African and Caribbean hair care. They cater to male and female clientele and it’s one of many salons in Scotland serving people of color. 

Grab A Cup Of Joe At Rafiki Coffee

Photo credit: @rafikicoffee_/Instagram

At this Scottish business, coffee is instrumental in celebrating and honoring African culture. The owners of Rafiki Coffee were born in Rwanda and have been sourcing coffee beans from East Africa since 2019. The word “rafiki” means friend in Swahili and this coffee shop encourages customers to make new friends and connect over a cup of joe. Rafiki Coffee hopes to showcase the beauty and delicacy of African coffee to coffee lovers around the world. 

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