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6 Must-See Celeb Beauty Moments From The Week

6 Must-See Celeb Beauty Moments From The Week
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With Halloween this past week, celebrities gave us look after spooky look before returning back to their normal Instagram content. Aside from the festive beats, this week included everything from purple bangs to dramatic eyeshadow. As we look back on the week, it’s safe to say our faves took their hair and makeup to the next level.

Doechii, clad in bantu knots, inspired us to not be afraid to take our makeup looks “too far” with a full beat. She gave face with her go-to pin-thin eyebrows above a fluorescent eyeshadow look. Unlike other celebrities who remained natural with brown-toned lip liner, Doechii took her look dark, with black lip liner and pupil-colored contacts. As for SZA? The artist went graphic with her eye look– a knife-straight eyeliner with white inner corners– which was emboldened by long eyelashes. Her iconic nose contour was present, too.

Celebs also went with long hair this week. Justine Skye was seen in her vibrant purple hairstyle. Meanwhile, many went for middle parts. Coco Jones and Ari Lennox, for example, both gave a personal touch to their wavy wigs with the former in body waves and the latter with a crimped style. And when it came to Willow Smith, simple box braids and a makeup-free face did the trick.

Below, take a look at 6 must-see beauty looks on Instagram this week.

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