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7 Best Destinations For A Yoga Retreat

The intention behind vacationing for American travelers has changed over time. Where family reunions, road trips, and business were once the driving force for travel, more people are placing wellness at the forefront. According to Expedia Travel Trends, the brand saw a 30 percent increase in inquiries for wellness travel between 2021 and 2022. Expedia Brand president Jon Gieselman told National Geographic this wellness-centered travel space is being described as the “no-normal.”

With normalcy thrown out the window, American travelers want more than sightseeing when heading on vacation. Instead of landmarks and excursions, many seek to return home with a revitalized mind. Yoga retreats were a top inquiry for travelers this year aiming to have a life-changing travel experience. Here are seven of the best destinations for a yoga retreat.

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Sedona, AZ

Overflowing with deep canyons and tall red rock hills, Sedona is a beautiful city two hours from Phoenix, AZ. The city is popular for its energy vortice sites making it a destination rich with spiritual energy. There are a plethora of yoga retreats in Sedona including Vita Pure Yoga and SpiritQuest. However, Sedona is the perfect place to handcraft your own yoga retreat experience. Within the Grand Canyon, travelers will find a peaceful water-gazing spot at Havasupai Falls. A hidden sanctuary of majestic water magic, the falls are only accessible by helicopter or hiking. For an intense evening yoga experience, visit the Holy Cross Chapel for panoramic views of red rock country. 

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

The beach is one of the best places for an introspective, yoga retreat. Located along the coast of Mexico, Riviera Nayarit has calm, sandy shores for the traveling yogi. This coastal town is great for centering mental wellness and is the perfect backdrop for self-driven yoga retreats. Travelers can also book stays at yoga retreats like Haramara Retreats where they can receive hands-on assistance in their yoga travel goals. For those seeking a bit of solitude, there are plenty of hidden gems tucked away throughout this historic fishing village to explore. 

Mendoza, Argentina

Described by travelers as a laid-back city, Mendoza is in the heart of Argentina’s wine country. Leafy green foliage and art-deco-style buildings line the streets of this South American city. There are a plethora of spas designed specifically to cater to those looking to relax and unwind. One of the hidden gems you’ll find in Mendoza is an abundance of natural hot springs near Cacheuta Spa. A yoga retreat at this spa provides all the relief and calmness with hydrotherapy from the springs. 

Brooks, Maine

Brooks, Maine may be an unlikely choice for a yoga destination. However, the 200-year-old city is an outdoor lover’s dream perfect for intense meditation sessions. Brooks is also home to Rolling Meadows, a yoga and meditation retreat where visitors can work on breath work, personal yoga practices, and even silent meditation experiences. 

Goa, India

For the ultimate eat, pray, love experience, travelers should visit the Ashiyana Retreat in Goa, India. The retreat offers a variety of spa services from facials and massages to therapeutic sauna treatments. However, there is a major emphasis on healing through yoga. Guests can engage in Eastern and Western yoga practices There’s a variety of shalas, meeting places for practicing, and yoga classes for travelers when visiting this Indian retreat. 

Halibut Cove, AK

Alaska is an underrated American beauty and an eye-opening destination for travel yogis. Stillpoint Lodge is also located in Halibut Cove. The yoga retreat prioritizes wellness while maintaining its dedication to sustainability and adventure. Stillpoint offers a variety of classes including walking meditation, yoga, and silent mindfulness sessions. 

Joshua Tree, CA

Like Sedona, Joshua Tree is known for having a multitude of energy vortices. Another incredibly spiritual destination, travelers can create their own yoga retreat and visit the many vortexes for meditation and yoga sessions. Joshua Tree is a place of truth and beauty. For the ultimate yoga sessions, visit one of the 18 vortices scattered throughout the city. 

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