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7 Destinations Black Men Should Visit On Their Next Wellness Trip

Wellness has become a major focus in travel decisions over the last few years. More and more Americans are centering wellness over excursions as they explore the world. And Black men are no exception. 

Now, more than ever, Black men are prioritizing their wellness. That means taking a trip each year dedicated to their personal healing journeys and mental well-being. Next time you’re planning a getaway for a Black man, or heading on one yourself, check out these seven destinations for a wellness trip.

Joshua Tree, CA

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Home to the endangered Joshua agave tree species, Joshua Tree, CA is a place full of mysticism and wonder. There are more than ten energy vortices here making it a special and spiritual destination. Black men can come here to unwind in the desert terrain.

There are plenty of yoga, meditation, and self-care retreats in the area and the city has grown in popularity as a wellness travel destination. Nature plays a role in Joshua Tree’s allure. Black men will find solace and peacefulness among the wildlife and natural scenery. 

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Black men can find wide open spaces for wellness ventures on the beaches of Little Corn Island. This hidden gem is about 50 miles off the Nicaragua coast. Its pristine shores, clear waters, and jungle backdrop are perfect for a wellness trip. Little Corn Island may not have the hustle and bustle of big cities. However, for Black men seeking retreat for a bit of self-care, it’s the perfect option. 

San Francisco, CA

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For those looking for a little more action, San Francisco is another California dream that’s excellent for wellness. San Fran has always been known for its openness and inclusivity. Now, it’s becoming a wellness hub for incoming travelers. There’s an array of wellness-focused retreat centers like Canyon Ranch Woodside and SoulFlow Oakland. Travelers can also spend ample time hiking the hills throughout the city and meditating in its urban beauty. 

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is an excellent choice for a wellness trip because there’s a little bit of everything. The Big Easy is live and in action all year round. Bourbon Street is fully accessible for Black men looking to unwind in the party scene. For the spiritually inclined, NOLA’s rich Creole history makes it a mystical destination full of secrets to uncover. Anything said about the Louisiana city would be amiss without mentioning the incredible cuisine. New Orleans is the wellness getaway that just keeps giving. 

Tabacon, Costa Rica

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Those looking for a more tropical wellness experience should head to Tabacon Hot Springs in Costa Rica. There’s a luxury resort here for Black men to relax in the hot springs in the heart of the rainforest. The middle of the jungle holds a deep tranquility that cannot be found in more modern spaces. There are healing powers in the rainforest so it’s no surprise the area is a top pick for wellness trips. Outside of resort accommodations, bathe in natural, volcanic steam pools, lounge in massive gardens, and stand tall under ancient waterfalls.

Denver, CO

Denver is probably the chilliest destination on the list. However, with its high altitudes, cool winter seasons, and rising mountains, the city has much to offer Black men seeking wellness experiences. There are many “elevated” wellness experiences in Denver. While some focus on nature’s emergence, others incorporate herbal remedies, CBD, and cannabis practices into a holistic wellness experience. 

Bali, Indonesia

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Bali is a wellness oasis. With its luxury flower baths, river lounging, and lush forest, Bali is a self-care haven. Black men looking to venture a little further from home should check out the Indonesian province for mindfulness and nature nurturing. Bali is also a great place to tap into Eastern wellness practices like yoga, acupuncture, and other psychotherapies. Travelers will find an endless list of treatment centers and wellness retreats all over the region.

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