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7 Must-Have Travel Experiences In Sweden

A Scandinavian nation, Sweden is a European country with a history dating back thousands of years. It may not have as much popularity as Great Britain and France. However, Sweden has a plethora of exciting sights and excursions for travelers to explore. With cities built across islands, over 50 bridges, and beautiful forestry, Sweden is an underrated travel gem worth visiting all year round. Here are seven must-have travel experiences when visiting Sweden. 

Explore Underground Art Galleries 

train station in Sweden
Photo credit: Artur Debat

Sweden’s underground subway system is unlike any other. Throughout the system, visitors will find an underground world of underground art creativity. Different platforms have been painted by various creative minds, with some more recognizable than others. A journey through Sweden’s entire subway system is a creative voyage in itself. However, if you don’t have time to see each platform, be sure to check out the “blue platform” T-Centralen, the rainbow mural walkways of Stadion, and the radiant, red walls of Solna Centrum. 

Visit Old Town Sweden 

Gamla Stan is an ancient Swedish town. Also known as Old Town, this city is one of Europe’s most well-preserved medieval centers. There is also plenty to do here with great places for photo ops around the city. Travelers can explore the extensive Royal Palace with its five museums, the beautiful Royal Chapel, and the Nobel Prize Museum. There’s a row of colorful, centuries-old homes in Stortorget Square. Travelers can experience an abundance of Swedish cuisine at local eateries and walk along Mårten Trotzigs Grand, Stockholm’s narrowest street. 

Walk Through The Nobel Prize Museum 

While exploring Old Town, travelers can get insight into the most prestigious award in the world. The Nobel Prize Museum is home to all things about winners of the award in science, literature, and peace dealings. The museum shines a light on changemakers helping to make the world a better place in their respective fields. Travelers can take a guided tour, watch films on the winners, and dine at the museum’s bistro. 

Tanum Rock Carvings

ancient wall art
Photo credit: Barnabas Davoti

The Tanum Rock Carvings are a UNESCO World Heritage site depicting the centuries-old history of Europe. The carvings depict the Bronze Age of the continent. There are ancient carvings of people, weapons, and animals who lived there long ago. The rocks showcase more than 350 carved drawings of the Bronze Age and are an incredible site to check out in Sweden. 

Take A Tunnel From Denmark

Scheduled to be completed in 2029, the Fehmarnbelt tunnel will be Europe’s longest tunnel once it is completed. The road stretch links Denmark and Germany through an underwater tunnel that’s 18 kilometers long. There are also plans to add a rail system to the tunnel as well as two double lanes for cars. Construction on the project began in 2020. According to Euronews, the tunnel reduces the five-hour commute to a 10-minute car ride. 

Dine On Swedish Fare 

Photo credit: Allen Rad

There are many culinary delights to experience when visiting Sweden. The country’s fare is rooted in plant-based cuisine and traditional delicacies. However, it also has its share of modern food choices.  Classic dishes like Swedish meatballs and surströmming are a must-try. Midsummer festivals provide an array of local foods to check out. If you’re visiting Sweden during August or September, check out a traditional ‘kräftskiva’ or crayfish party. Whether it’s sweet princess cake with coffee for breakfast or boiled potatoes for lunch, Swedish food is a must when in the country. 

Go On A Foraging Adventure

Sweden is a right-to-roam country. This means visitors and locals are allowed to live, explore, and sleep in the forest at will. As long as nothing is destroyed, nature is open to all. This makes Sweden the perfect place for nature-loving travelers looking to forage the country’s rich forest. There are plenty of edible treats throughout the countryside, including mushrooms and herbs. During certain times of the year, you can also cook on open fire right in nature for the ultimate foraging experience. 

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