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7 Places to See in Nevada that Aren’t On the Vegas Strip

When most people think of Nevada, they immediately think of the Las Vegas Strip. One of the most famous landmarks in the United States, and a must-do place that sees millions of visitors per year, it is arguably one of the state’s biggest attractions, but there’s more to see in the area.

The Strip is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert not far from mountains, national sites, and other attractions travelers should know about in the area. Here are seven places to see in Nevada that are not part of the Las Vegas Strip.

Hoover Dam

overhead view of Hoover Dam
Photo credit: Nirian

The Hoover Dam is a large barrier restricting surface water flow on the border between Arizona and Nevada. It was constructed to control the flooding of the Colorado River and provides energy to nearly half a million homes, according to the official website. The man-made wonder is a great place to go on a tour of the power plant or the surrounding area itself.

Neon Museum

neon lit signs along the Las Vegas strip
Photo credit: Todd Gipstein

Las Vegas’s popular Neon Museum is an attraction that focuses on the history of the city’s neon signs and advertisements. Located in downtown Las Vegas, the partially outdoor museum has former signs from iconic hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and other attractions. The museum also offers a night flight spectacular that includes a helicopter tour of the city and the museum visit.

Mount Charleston

Inside a cave in Mount Charleston, Nevada
Photo credit: LPETTET

Just outside Las Vegas, Mount Charleston awaits visitors who want a different kind of thrill. Popular for its many outdoorsy activities in the area, the mountain offers fishing at its small lakes nearby, hiking and climbing, and more. During winter months, the mountain has a much colder climate that allows for skiing and snow sports.

Red Rock Canyon 

narrow walkway inside Red Rock Canyon
Photo credit: Chad Kanera

Red Rock Canyon is a natural attraction that’s part of a national conservation area. Less than 20 minutes from the Strip, the canyon is known for its natural beauty, red hues, and sandstone formations. The canyon is perfect for viewing on foot or by car, hiking, or spending the night to experience the starry sky and desert wildlife.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead
Photo credit: Evan Lang

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is the largest reservoir in the country and is less than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. The area offers canoeing, kayaking, boating, and other water-based activities. While there, visitors can take in scenic views of Nevada’s landscape and the lake itself. It’s also a popular place for barbecues.

Valley of Fire

The landscape in the Valley of Fire at sunset
Photo credit: Betty Wiley

Valley of Fire State Park is a nature preservation and public park named after its natural red sandstone formation. Because of the red hues and its general shape, standing at the lowest part of the park can feel like being surrounded by reams of red fire. The park is 46,000 acres large and is a popular hiking, camping, and walking trail space in Nevada. Stargazing is also a popular thing to do in the park at night.

Ethel M. Chocolate Factory

Located about 25 minutes from the Vegas Strip, the attraction provides a tour of a local chocolate factory that makes gourmet treats. The factory also offers wine tastings and chocolate samples that complement the factory’s outdoor cactus garden well. Guests can expect to try chocolate and wine during a scenic route through the three-acre botanical garden.

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