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93-Year-Old gets GoFundMe aid after harassed to sell land

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Josephine Wright, a 93-year-old Black woman, was asked to purchase her 1.8 acre property on Hilton Head, by a group known as Bailey’s Cove. 

The sacred family property has been in their name for generations.

After telling the Georgia-based Bailey Investment Group that she would not sell her property, they allegedly refused to take no as an answer.

Thereafter, they made relentless efforts to coerce Wright off of her own property. They wanted to use to turn it into a 27-acre, 147 unit development, known as Bailey’s Cove.

Earlier this year, the group filed a lawsuit against Wright.

They stated that a satellite dish, screened in porch, and shed were intruding on their property line. It was argued that it resulted in obstruction to the progress behind her home.

Wright is being supported by former state legislator Bakari Sellers. Photo: WSAV3.

Charisse Graves, Wright’s granddaughter, mentioned the family spent thousands extracting items stated in the Bailey Group’s claim, yet they continued to harass Wright.

While witnessing the ongoing torment by the group to her grandma, Graves decided to file a counterclaim. The family alleged “a consistent and constant barrage of tactics of intimidation, harassment, trespass” on the 93-year-old grandmother.

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It’s alleged the group made it difficult for Wright, hoping they could drive her out with their loud construction. However, despite the noises and harassment, Wright stayed resilient and on her property.

93-year-old is aided by Kyrie Irving, Tyler Perry, and Fantasia

Graves set up a GoFundMe for her grandmother, in hopes to help cover legal expenses and keep the property. 

Wright’s story and unwillingness to concede, inspired many individuals to help raise awareness. For example, Black celebrities such as Kyrie Irving, Tyler Perry, and Fantasia, alerted followers on social media or donated themselves.

The donation that caught the eyes of many individuals was made by Kyrie Irving, the NBA superstar for the Dallas Mavericks, who donated $40,000 to GoFundMe, as his donation was one of the largest they have ever received.

However, the unity of Black people did not stop there, as Tyler Perry shared to social media the story of Josephine Wright, it enticed other celebrities, like Fantasia, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill, Gabrielle Dennis, and Tina Campbell to take action. 

Altogether, the love and support for Josephine Wright conveyed through donations has now surpassed over $363,000.

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