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A Clark Atlanta Student Is Showing Others How To Embrace Their Best Self

Perseverance is not just about displaying success that others can see on the outside, but rather, finding success internally no matter what you’ve gone through. While it is not always easy, Clark Atlanta University sophomore Kaylin Strahan has found her own unique ways to persevere through personal challenges and remain a standout student.  Remarkably, she has created a brand to ensure that this is something she is striving to not only see in herself, but in others as well.

Kaylin Strahan may look like she has it all together. In high school she was awarded the title of Miss Black Illinois Talented Teen 2017 by the Miss Black USA Pageant. She was also a track and field athlete who has competed on the state level, and even broke a personal record at the USATF Junior Olympics in 2018. By 2019 she and her team won the All American Athletes titles.

Personally however, Strahan continues to overcome different life challenges. “It has definitely not been a smooth road but I continue to thank God for blessing me,” she said. “I’ve had many challenges that have impacted me personally at a young age, including losing my father unexpectedly and being raised by a single mother who has given her all to be there for me through every area of my life despite being diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease. I’ve also struggled with balance at times, attempting to maintain my grades while being a student athlete who is also heavily engaged as a leader in every institution I’ve attended. Life hasn’t been a crystal stair but I continue to trust and believe in the path God has created for me.”

Always one to keep her head up, Kaylin Strahan arrived at Clark Atlanta University as a freshman on a mission. She was chosen to serve as president of the freshman class and even continued to run track. Trying her hand at entrepreneurship, the business administration major created the “Embrace Y.O.U.” brand. Standing for “Embrace Yourself, Embrace your Origin and Embrace your Uniqueness,” she first came out with a book, “Embrace Y.O.U.” that addresses challenges like self esteem, bullying, and suicide. It focuses on paving a journey toward self love.

“I chose this particular platform because I saw a need to reinforce the importance of loving ourselves despite the challenges we are put up against,” said Strahan. “Because I loved my platform so much, I decided to write a book about it. I didn’t want it to be a memory that I associated with my time as a pageant girl, but I wanted to continue to spread my message and encourage others to embrace themselves.”

Embrace Y.O.U. the book is so impactful that Strahan has expanded it to a brand! First, she came out with an accompanying diary for readers to really get their thoughts out about topics mentioned in the book. Yet even still she’s not done. “I’m proud to expand my business to not only books but also things on a higher platform such as plays and movies,” Strahan gushed.  “A goal that I am on track to accomplish would also be a bigger social media platform so I can reach more individuals with my message.”

To learn more information about Strahan and Embrace Y.O.U., head to her website here!

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