Aaliyah Admits She Was In Her Feels For Uche On ‘Love Is Blind’

Netflix just went live with the Season 5 finale of Love Is Blind and we’ve got another exclusive interview with a few of our favorite cast members.

Love Is Blind Season 5 production stills

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

We chatted with Aaliyah Cosby and Taylor Rue about being inspired to find love in the pods and their experiences on the show. Check out our interview below:

BOSSIP: Coming into this season of ‘Love is Blind’ were there previous couples or even singles who inspired you?

Aaliyah Cosby: I was super compelled by the show when I first watched it and I think all the couples from Season 1 were very beautiful stories. They overcame a lot of different obstacles together and ultimately chose to take the leap of faith with one another, so I was inspired by that. I felt like it would be such an amazing way to find a partner and find my person. To come on a show like this and really peel back some layers and build a solid emotional connection and foundation with a person that potentially would be my husband for life. So yeah I was excited about it and I loved the idea of the whole show as a whole.

Taylor Rue: Yeah I agree Season 1 was probably my favorite. There were a lot of good couples that gave me like some faith and like hope that I would be able to find love like that going on this show. And I really like the concept of it dating just purely based on that emotional connection, so that’s why I went on.

Love Is Blind Season 5 production stills

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

BOSSIP: Is there anything that you wish you knew before you did the show that now that you’ve experienced it, anything you would tell Season 6 folks going in?

Aaliyah: The best advice I would give anybody is just to be your authentic self. You’re looking for a spouse and it goes beyond the show and so we all want to put our best foot forward when we’re dating, even outside of something like this that’s as unique as the show, but you want to be yourself so that people know who you are and who they’re going to get engaged to and vice versa.

BOSSIP: OK for you guys specifically in your specific situations were there any red flags while you were still in the pods?

Taylor: Not any big red flags uh, he was more reserved and I knew that, and I had some other people tell me like, ‘He won’t talk to me’ and I’d always think like, ‘Well he’s talking to me!’ So you know so I don’t I didn’t look at that as a red flag, I just was like, he’s opening up to me, he’s being himself and that made me feel special.

Love Is Blind Season 5 production stills

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

BOSSIP: Aaliyah did you have any red flags with Uche?

Aaliyah: I mean, no… I was so… Oh man… I was feeling all the feels when it came to Uche, just because he brought all the major things that I really wanted in a spouse, the ambition, eloquence, the love for creativity and creative expression and poetry and it just it felt so right so I didn’t really keep anything. Maybe I was being a little gullible. I mean. that’s OK. I’m OK with that, but I didn’t see anything and I was enjoying every moment I got to spend dating him in there so yeah.

BOSSIP: Have you been in contact with your respective partners since production?

Taylor: I don’t know, um, we’re on good terms, I’ll just say that.

Aaliyah: Yeah same.

BOSSIP: I’m wishing you both the best of luck. I definitely hope that your Princes are out there, and Aaliyah girl, don’t let a man with a strong opinion push you around, that’s a red flag right there.

Aaliyah: Man, lessons! Lessons and blessings, because you just, woo, yeah you gotta stand firm in who you are and follow your intuition. That’s the big one.

We are super excited to get an update on where Aaliyah and Taylor’s dating journeys have taken them since the season was filmed, but we did want to share this clip of Aaliyah telling Cameron Hamilton how she thinks things with Uche didn’t work out after the show because she really wasn’t his type physically.

Ouch… But like we told Aaliyah, we really think she dodged a bullet!

What do you think?

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