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Airbnb Wedding Venues Around the World

Destination weddings are a very popular way for couples to share their big day with family and friends. But the sad fact of the matter is, they can be very expensive. Typically, a destination wedding is held at a popular vacation spot hotel or resort which charges exorbitant fees for using its picturesque locale. One way people are side-stepping these costs is by using Airbnbs as the destination spot for the wedding. Yes, there are still fees involved, but they are no where near the fees hotels charge. Airbnbs as wedding venues provides a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved in the wedding ceremony. Although not all Airbnb rentals allow for parties, those that do are usually picturesque options. So, in comparison to hotels and wedding venues that only provide either the space for the ceremony or accommodations, Airbnbs can provide the best of both worlds.

Couples interested in this option can even hire wedding planners who specialize in unique weddings to help choose the best Airbnb for the wedding party and its guests. It is important to note that while renting an Airbnb will generally cost less than a traditional wedding venue, there are some hidden costs. After paying the nightly cost, there are a few things to consider like cleaning services, decorations, special event permit, insurance, distance and cost of transportation to and from the airport, caterer or other vendor fees.

If you are considering an Airbnb destination wedding, here are some of the best options arranged by continent.


A destination wedding in a place like Europe has its benefits. While it is more unique than a traditional wedding in a hometown, it can also provide a combined wedding and honeymoon experience for little cost and a much needed vacation for guests. 

European Airbnbs are the best venues for classy destination weddings.

Have a Fairytale Wedding at the Dairsie Historic Castle in Scotland 

This castle in the heart of Scotland offers accommodations for 14 guests in its renovated and restored medieval halls. The venue has six acres of grounds and is located near the Eden River. Guests can peruse the garden, orchard, open grass area or watchtower between the ceremony and reception. This castle and the surrounding grounds will create a magical experience for the betrothed and guests. 

A Classic Italian Festa at Borgia Castle 

This Italian Castle has room for 13 people and is perfect for a destination wedding. There are large halls for formal dining that are ideal for a reception and a stone courtyard to hold the wedding ceremony. The venue has excellent staff who can even help organize extra boarding for an additional 25 guests in a nearby villa (about 5 minutes away). This breathtaking venue will make any wedding unforgettable and have the newlywed couple feeling regal. 

North America

Here’s a look at the best Airbnb options for weddings in both the northern and southern sides of America. Both offer luxe features, but they are distinctly different in their style and offerings. 

North American Airbnb’s offer a variety of venue options for weddings depending on the area and the needs of guests. Check out these options on the upper and lower side of the country.

Loft 606 Provides a Taste of Chi-Town for Energetic Nuptials

There are ample perks to this Airbnb which doubles for a wedding venue. The brick lined loft was renovated from a factory to a spacious and rustic event site. The site is located in the city and sports modern features like a gourmet kitchen, full bar, rooftop deck and garden patio and a jacuzzi. This venue even offers in-house services, some of which include bartending, spa services and a private chef. Loft 606 can accommodate over 20 guests and has security cameras on property to keep family and friends safe during their stay. 

Southern Charm in the Ginger Ranch of Texas 

This spacious Airbnb is located in Fredericksburg, Texas. It has luxury features but also has a big country flair to it. With 100 acres for guests to explore and accommodations for over 16 guests, this venue has a lot to offer. On the ranch there is a pavilion, ceremony arch, dance floor, guest cabins, 13 picnic tables, an on-site spa and swimming pool (there is even 60 wooden chairs provided, which takes the stress away from the planners). 

South and Central America 

A destination wedding in South or Central America is a great idea for couples wanting to satiate wanderlust and capture the natural and diverse landscape. 

These Airbnb retreats surrounded by the jungle may be the perfect venue for a destination wedding.

Exchange Vows in the Costa Rican Villa Avalon 

This luxury Villa in Punta Leona can house up to 18 guests. This open concept mansion is located in a gated beachfront community and has full-time maid and cooking services available from eight in the morning until five in the evening. These features can simplify the stay for a wedding party. The sweeping terrace provides plenty of space for guests to enjoy the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Swing to This CocoVivo Jungle Retreat

This retreat in Bocas Del Toro, Cristóbal Island, is just the spot for adventurous nature loving couples. The cabins on the property have room for 16 guests (with a $30 per person charge for guests over 12) and will be easy to find due to its bioluminescent lagoon! Guests are guaranteed to catch a glimpse of sloths, tree frogs and dolphins during their stay. Experience this private and exclusive (yet environmentally conscious) retreat which doubles as a tropical vacation for your destination wedding. 


Africa is home to a flourishing wedding industry which boasts luxury accommodations and celebrations. This location is perfect for couples that are culinary enthusiasts. 

Africa is a great option for wedding venues due to its natural beauty. Airbnb’s provide less hassles for couples looking to have a destination wedding!

Have a Wine Farm Wedding in Cape Town 

South Africa’s Zevenbosch villa is located on a wine estate and offers wedding packages. This modern house is suited for a smaller wedding party since it has accommodations for a little over 10 people. The villa has a large outdoor yard and patio and welcomes fur babies! Guests can venture out on the wine farm on foot or go to the Zevenwacht spa, the mall or the array of restaurants that are only minutes away. 

This Wedding Villa in Tanzania Overlooks a Turquoise Lagoon 

This luxury villa in Matemwe hosts up to 10 guests and has plenty of quality features. Some of these include access to a venue manager for assistance around the clock, having a cook available, breakfast provided daily, daily cleaning services and airport shuttle service. The serene villa has a garden, a beautiful coral reef, shaded decks overlooking the Indian Ocean, a pool and security guards. The wedded couple can even enjoy a private master suite with its own floor upstairs and two balconies. 


Asia and the surrounding islands offer spectacular views and weather that couples can depend on for photos and fun times. These natural environments around these venues practically make the perfect backdrop to nuptials. 

Check out these Airbnb’s located in Asia that provide serene and tropical venues for weddings.

Dance the Night Away With Family and Friends at This Private Villa in Bali 

With space to accommodate up to 34 guests and a wedding party of up to 70 people, this venue surrounded by the jungle may be perfect for a destination wedding in Indonesia. The nearby tropical village was the setting for the film Eat, Pray, Love so it is a popular destination and has many other claims to fame. While this fame has made the surrounding village popular, guests should still expect a location that is both spiritual and glamorous. 

Jump the Broom at This Beachfront Cottage in the Philippines  

This venue is located in a marine sanctuary and provides a secluded stay for its guests. The villa can accommodate up to 12 people and is a private property. Guests can enjoy the reef, beach cave, kayaks and local markets. Stunning Sunsets and Mountain views are beloved features of this venue! If a more private party is ideal for your wedding, this cottage will be a perfect fit. 

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