Alvin Kamara Gifts NFL Official Injured During Game Signed Ball

Nick Piazza faces a long road to recovery, but he appreciates Alvin Kamara’s gesture.

NFL official Nick Piazza suffered a serious leg injury when New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara plowed into him during the third quarter of the Saints’ Dec. 3 game against the Detroit Lions. Kamara, in a bid to lift Piazza’s spirits, sent him a signed football and jersey, along with a note expressing his well wishes.

Piazza, who received the gifts on Wednesday, expressed his appreciation for Alvin Kamara’s thoughtful gesture. A photo shared by’s Jeff Duncan captured Piazza posing with the signed memorabilia. The Saints’ owner, Gayle Benson, also personally reached out to Piazza and ordered for his food for his family. The Chicago Bears are also sending a care package, according to Bleacher Report.

Piazza, a teacher, has worked the chains at Saints games for nine years.

“I really appreciate the messages, care packages and medical treatment,” Piazza told Duncan. “And, if you see Alvin, please tell him thanks. He signed a football and jersey for me. Very nice.”

Piazza faces an arduous journey to recovery. Doctors have informed him that he tore ligaments in his knee and fractured his fibula during the incident. Major surgery, scheduled for Friday, is required. As a result, Piazza is expected to be on medical leave for a couple months, meaning his work with the NFL this season is done.

Piazza told Duncan he immediately knew he was injured. “Shocked, scared, nervous, I was all those things,” he said. “I knew, this is not something that I can just get up and shake off.”

Kamara is the starting running back for the New Orleans Saints. He played for the University of Tennessee before being drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He’s played seven seasons for the Saints and has been selected for five Pro Bowls.

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