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Angela Rye Schools Sexyy Red On History, Politics

Sexyy Red and Angela Rye

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As a lifelong Hip-Hop head, I must say it’s been disappointing to watch some of the rappers I grew up listening to—artists who stood against everything American conservatism seeks to uphold—willfully align themselves with ideologues of white nationalism who will, in turn, exploit their, at best, superficial support in order to present a false image of racial diversity with hopes that they can continue being racist while not being called racist. 

Donald Trump is a demonstrable racist. And Republicans used to hate rappers.

Even now, conservative pundits and politicians deflect to rap music whenever they need a scapegoat for American violence or to justify their anti-Blackness. A decade or so ago, rappers like Ice Cube, Killer Mike, Lil Wayne and even Kanye West wouldn’t be in the mentions of prominent right-ringers, especially elected officials, unless they were being denounced as thugs and degenerates whose music is poisoning the youth and destroying the Black community. But now, they’re at least good for a photo-op because the MAGA world is desperate for “Black friend” support.

But listen: It’s not terribly surprising that a few old, rich rappers who are growing out of touch with the Black collective have embraced Trump (at least somewhat). It’s a little sadder when young up-and-comers in the rap game are doing the same.

In other words: Sexyy Red announcing that she’s also MAGA red is pretty disappointing.

As previously reported, Janae Wherry aka Sexyy Red recently declared that she likes Trump and that “they support him in the ‘hood,” despite the fact that Black people, regardless of class, generally do not support the orangey-white supremacist who used to occupy the Oval Office. (Republicans keep jumping at every survey that shows the slightest uptick in Black Trump support, but the fact remains that no other racial group is as overwhelmingly anti-Trump and anti-Republican as Black people.)

Anyway, since Red’s reasoning for liking Trump appeared to center around the idea that the former president won Black people’s hearts by dolling out meager stimulus checks during a pandemic many experts believe his presidency made infinitely worse, it’s pretty clear the 25-year-od just isn’t very socially or politically aware, which is why journalist Angela Rye is out here trying to educate the Blacks for MAGA.

Rye recently recorded a video in which she pointed out that Trump “has been racist for a long time,” using the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against him over anti-Black housing discrimination in the ’70s. She also talked about the time Trump said “laziness is a trait in Blacks.”

At the end of the day, Trump is also the white conservative cult leader who essentially spearheaded the Republican war on critical race theory, diversity, inclusion and Black history. It’s a shame there are so many Black people who either fail to see that or are indifferent about it.

It’s sad, really.


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