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Beauty Secrets: An Expert Guide To Dermaplaning

Beauty Secrets: An Expert Guide To Dermaplaning
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Just as the seasons go through transitions, so does our skin. In colder months specifically, darker skin is more prone to dryness. “Typically those with darker skin have darker vellus hairs, making the skin appear dull,” Ivey Rogers, esthetician at Urban Skin RX, says. Because of a lower ceramide content and higher trans epidermal water loss, darker skin is more prone to dryness which can result in more dead skin, dullness, and darker facial hair. This might leave you searching for products that exfoliate and brighten the complexion. Lucky for you, dermaplaning does both. It’s a great monthly treatment for smooth, radiant skin in under 30 minutes. 

The manual exfoliation technique is used to help remove dead surface cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the facial skin. “Removing both during this process provides instant gratification because the skin immediately feels smoother and appears brighter,” Rogers says. Not only that, the technique also allows skincare– like toners and serums– to penetrate deeper into the skin. “What you apply afterwards boosts results to help keep that glow radiating,” she says.

Although booking a dermaplaning appointment with your esthetician may be the best plan, there are many who still find doing this from home more accessible. That said, Rogers is here to suggest safe dermaplaning tools and techniques to implement during your next self-service. 

Below, Rogers shares a step-by-step guide to dermaplaning.

Thoroughly cleanse the skin

“First, ensure the skin has been thoroughly cleansed and allowed time to dry completely,” she says. “Double cleansing would be the best for this type of exfoliation technique.” 

Hold the blade and skin firmly

“Work in sections holding the skin taut with one hand behind the blade,” she says. “Using the other hand, you need to hold your blade firmly at a 45-degree angle using feather-light strokes.”  

Finish with skincare

“Once you finish dermaplaning all areas of the face, I like to use a hydrating and brightening formula to tone the skin,“ she says. “Apply your toner with a cotton round and follow with your serums and moisturizer.” “Sunscreen is your final step if you’re dermaplaning in the daytime,” she continues.

Be mindful of what you do after

As for aftercare? “Avoid using gritty scrubs or Retinol for at least 2-3 days after dermaplaning to avoid any unwanted irritation due to over-exfoliation,” she says. “Although your face feels smooth afterward, avoid touching your face to help keep your pores free of debris. This exfoliation technique can be done once every three to four weeks.”

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