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Best Things To Do in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri is a cosmopolitan city in the heart of the Midwest. Travelers will appreciate the city for its affordable attractions, experiences and lively atmosphere. The Missouri city is rich in history and is best experienced through April and May, or a little later in September to October (to avoid sweltering summers and drawn-out winters).  

All types of travelers will enjoy the area for its renowned arts and culture scene that is central to the St. Louis areas. The area is also known for its inexpensive cost of living and array of entertainment options. Check out all the best things to do in St. Louis, the city with small-town charm and big-city living. 

Culinary Experiences in St. Louis

Experience the mouth-watering culinary offerings of St. Louis through these food options. Pictured: A formal dinner with wine and an excellent spread of food.

St. Louis has a food scene that is gaining popularity and acclaim for its unique dining experiences. From vintage eateries to ultra modern dining, St. Louis has it all. 

The Hill St. Louis Food Tour 

This tour explores the largest Italian neighborhood in St. Louis, the Hill. Travelers who book the food tour can taste samples of pizza, gelato, ravioli and many other tasty treats inspired by Italy. The three-hour tour hosts up to 12 people and provides food tastings from six different local restaurants. 


This restaurant is distinctive to St. Louis cuisine with its throwback focus on 19th-century Ozark cooking. The Bulrush restaurant blends foods from indigenous, enslaved peoples and settlers’ cultures to create an exquisitely cooked and seasonally sourced meal. 

The Fountain on Locust

This eatery transports its guests to the roaring twenties (through the 1940s) with a simple step into the nostalgic building. The spot is perfect for family gatherings, date nights or friendly get-togethers. The restaurant has a refreshingly unique menu that includes options like salads, soups made from scratch, ice cream cocktails (yes, handcrafted creamy concoctions) and entrees. 

Musical Attractions in the Central St. Louis Area 

The musical attractions in St. Louis are a fun activity for travelers. Learn more about the significant venues to see in St. Louis that have contributed to the importance of music in the city. Pictured: several musicians playing the saxophone

Jazz, blues, soul, rock n’ roll and hip-hop are all genres of music that are cherished by St. Louis locals and tourists. The impact of the city’s artists and state-of-the-art venues are significant parts of the destination’s appeal to travelers. 

National Blues Museum 

Authentic St. Louis blues is celebrated at this museum of music. The legacy and history of the blues, which is the root of all American music, is exhibited here. Visitors of the museum can choose to learn more about the early evolution of blues music, how blues went mainstream and how the tradition of the blues has continued. 

Powell Hall

This venue is the home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra which was founded in 1880. The building is 98 years old and has been recently renovated to preserve the stunning concert hall. The world-renowned orchestra hosts more than 100 performances a year and is a popular opportunity for music lovers to explore the city.

Busch Stadium

The Busch Stadium is a venue that hosts music and baseball events. With a capacity to hold 46,000 fans, the stadium is one of the biggest in the area. The stadium has welcomed great artists like Metallica, Ed Sheeran and Paul McCartney to its 30 acre grounds. 

Sports Adventures in Missouri 

Sports are popular in St. Louis, mostly due to the St. Louis Cardinals and other sports destinations within the city. Pictured: baseball field with St. Louis in the background

Sports fans will be able to cheer all year long in St. Louis. With an incredible baseball history and increasingly popular football team, the city of St. Louis is an unofficial sports destination. Known as one of the best baseball cities in the United States, St. Louis has plenty to offer to sports fans. 

Go to a Cardinals Game 

Baseball is a popular sport in St. Louis, which reflects in the crowds the Cardinals attract. The Cardinals compete in major league baseball and are a member of the National League Central division. Fans can catch Cardinal home games at the Busch Stadium in downtown St. Louis.

Watch the St. Louis Battlehawks 

The Battlehawks are a professional American football team based out of St. Louis, Missouri. The team was established in 2018 and has since claimed the title of the third highest win percentage among current XFL teams. 

Visit Ballpark Village

Ballpark Village is a district that features entertainment and dining experiences. The village is in the heart of downtown St. Louis. The village is centrally located and is a sports-centered attraction that includes Cardinal Nation and the Hall of Fame and museum. 

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