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BIT Portland (PDX) Hosts “Belonging, and Leadership Goals” Panel

Join BIT Portland on Thursday October 26th from 4-6pm PT, for an exciting panel event featuring three incredible panelists.

This event, “Panel On Belonging and Leadership Goals” will discuss how Portland leaders are keen on… at least 20%… improvement from a more attuned organizational culture.

The panelists will answer questions on how are our leaders ensuring those improvements in their organization and communities as well as share practices and goals around workforce retention, mentoring, organizational partners, customer base, benefits, volunteer activities, and recruitment, etc.


  • Zhou Fang
    • (She/Her) Immigrant; Founder; EDI practitioner; Member Board Of Directors; Chair of Policy Committee; Communications Director; Public Speaker
  • Natalie Ruiz
    • (She/Her) CEO. Non-Profit Board Member. Serious Learner. Speaker. Helper. Leaving people and places better than I find them.
  • Nia Harris
    • Black Futures Farm Leader. Sustainable Health Advocate | Community Wellness & Healing

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