Blac Chyna Settles Custody Battle With Tyga Over Son

blac chyna x tyga

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The woman formerly known as Blac Chyna seems to be putting all toxicity behind her.

After a long custody battle with the father of her child, rapper Tyga, the pair have finally come to an agreement for their son, King Cairo.

According to Yahoo, Blac Chyna, born Angela White, and Tyga, born Michael Stevenson, have finally reached an amicable decision about visitation, custody and their individual legal fees.

“Parties have reached agreements on child custody, visitation, and payment of their respective attorney’s fees. In light of these agreements, the parties wish to conclude this matter without further litigation,” the outlet reports. “Both parties acknowledge that they have entered into this Stipulation and Order voluntarily and free of any duress or undue influence.”

The pair will no longer meet in court to discuss the proceedings.

The bad blood between the coparents began when the 24-year-old rapper began dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner…while he was engaged to Chyna. At the time, Chyna was also good friends with Jenner’s older sister, Kim Kardashian. The whole mess unfolded as the reality TV culture vultures continued their rise to superstardom. It ended in a nasty split between Chyna, Tyga and the Kardashian klan.

In an interview with US Weekly, Chyna spoke about the details of the messy plot line,

“‘Then her little sister [Kyle Jenner] started talking to Tyga, which was kind of crazy because she was underage. Everybody, kind of, came at me and started attacking me. Nobody’s seen the betrayal that went on behind my back of me talking to somebody, Kim, and then her little sister—who she has no control over—started talking to my fiancé. Then I get attacked. How does that work?’”

Chyna would later get her lick back when she started a relationship with the sole male heir of the Kardashian empire, Rob. The pair’s love affair resulted in the birth of their daughter, Dream, and a short-lived reality show of their own called Rob & Chyna, of course.

The pair’s breakup would also spark a legal battle between Chyna and the Kardashians. She claimed the family “destroyed her television career” by making disparaging remarks about her. In 2017, a Los Angeles court dismissed her case against the famous family.

These days, Chyna seems to be making peace with everyone and getting settled into her new chapter as Angela White. Good for her!

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