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Black father goes viral for matching cheerleader daughter’s energy

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Cecelia Simmons shared a viral video of her husband, Andre Simmons, going step for step with his daughter Jazlyn and her Temple High School cheer team.

The TikTok post, first shared on Sept. 30, has been viewed over 312,000 times to date.

Though his wife’s caption suggest he’s usually focused on the game, this time Andre was equally invested in the sidelines.

As the cheer team members raise their pompoms and go through their routine, the father of five followed right along, crisp, cool, and choreographed.

Simmons himself was quick to tell “Good Morning America” he’s not the best dancer.

He admitted it took a few days to learn the routine. But said he wanted to “create a lifelong memory” with Jazlyn, since he’s often away, employed as an infantryman.

Jazlyn is a member of the Temple High School varsity cheer team. Here, she is pictured with her parents Cecelia and Andre Simmons. Mike Lefner.

“She thought she made the varsity cheer team so my way of supporting her and kind of trying to make up that time lost is doing things that she loves and surprising her with joining her in the cheer during the football game,” Simmons told ABC News.

Men like Andre continue to disprove an antiquated and racist narrative

Moreover, while negative misconceptions surrounding Black fatherhood may persist, in reality, Andre is a reflection of the vast majority of Black father’s who love and support their children.

A June study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that, contrary to previous beliefs, Black fathers are extensively involved in parenting. 

The study revealed that Black fathers are more likely to reside in the same household as their children. Additionally, they assume a greater variety of parenting roles compared to other racial groups.

Cheer dad says, “It’s all for her”

Furthermore, approximately 75% of Black fathers live with at least one of their children under the age of 18. That number surpasses any other race or ethnicity.

“Once I got it down pat, I just jumped up there when I heard the band finally bring the song up and I got up there and did it with her,” he continued.

“At the end of the day, it’s all for her. So I’m gonna get up there and do the cheer with her,” he said.

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