Bomani Jones back with same show, new home

It took a few months, but Bomani Jones is back on the air.

The Clark Atlanta alumnus and sports media personality will be bringing “The Right Time” podcast to Wave Sports + Entertainment.

“I obviously worked at a big legacy media company. But I’ve also done a lot of work at various points with smaller, what used to be called, new media operations. There’s a different energy that comes when you’re in a new media place,” Jones said.

This comes months after ESPN decided not to renew his contract along with many others. But he did retain the name of his podcast, related intellectual property, and his RSS feed.

Bomani Jones, ESPN

“So for people who are subscribed to this show already, it will be right there where it would have been otherwise if I had stayed (at ESPN),” Bomani Jones said. “That, for me, is the most attractive thing about making this move. At the end of the deal, I was able to keep the RSS feed.”

His podcast will air live on the WSE YouTube channel three times a week. Jones’ transition is just one example of how volitale the sports media world can be.

“The economic fate of people in sports media is getting dicier and dicier by the day,” Jones told FOS. “I think the ESPN layoffs were the beginning of it in a lot of ways. Seeing what happened [with] the New York Times shutting down their sports department and they moved those people to other desks, but at some point they’re probably going to deem those people to be surplus, and they’re not going to be there anymore.

Bomani Jones back with same show, new home

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