Brat & Judy Dish On Their Five-Part Baby Special [Exclusive]

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Two proud moms are dishing on the birth of their precious prince and their new Kaleidoscope collaboration.

Da Brat and Jesseca “Judy” Dupart are reveling in the birth of True Legend five months after his birth and celebrating with a five-part baby special as Christmas quickly approaches. With that in mind, the wives detailed the head-turning decorations that Judy chose for the infant.

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The haircare collection founder picked out 14-foot tall nutcrackers and a sparkling red tree decorated with teddy bears, ribbons, and poinsettias.

“Cause it is his first Christmas and he’s very important,” said Judy despite DaBrat saying their infant won’t remember all the fanfare. “I wanna make sure that he gets to appreciate it and see all of the things,” she added. “We noticed that he kind of like lights so I got him these big reindeer. It’s his first Christmas and in true fashion of his two moms, it had to be extra.”

In addition to preparing for the holiday, the moms are prepping for (even more) success when it comes to Judy’s Kaleidoscope Hair Products. The founder collaborated with her rapper wife on the

Kaleidoscope X Da Brat Protective Styling Collection.

The line is inspired by the array of protective styles worn by Da Brat over the years, and Brat was hands-on when it came to picking out the labels, bottles, and fragrances for each product.

She also shared with BOSSIP that her wife made sure she was compensated for her work and likeness.

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“She taught me so much, I didn’t want contracts or anything but she was like” Da Brat told BOSSIP. “She said, ‘No, I’m calling your people.’ She called my agent, she called my accountant, and made me fill out paperwork so I could get royalties from it.

“I wanted her to experience her value, ” said Judy. “I feel like she doesn’t know her value, she didn’t know the potential of the reach of how much more she could be getting. She was leaving a lot on the table, I just wanted her to experience that. Having royalties off of music is different than having royalties off of consumer packaged goods.”

In addition to speaking on their business collab, the moms made sure to share what viewers can continue to see when watching their motherhood journey on WE tv.

“How we are with our son,” said Brat about viewer expectations. “How much we love him, the ups and downs, me not wanting people around him—I don’t want their germs around him…the difference in our religions…”

“Family dynamics,” added Judy.

“Family dynamics,” agreed Brat. “Our parents being involved, his siblings being involved because she has three other children, just life with him!”

Watch our exclusive with Brat and Judy up above!

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