Business Magnate Trisha Bailey Discusses Journey To Success In Memoir

“Unbroken: The Triumphant Story of a Woman’s Journey” details Trisha Bailey’s rise in business.

“In every stage of entrepreneurship, there’s hardship, and at the start is the greatest hardship.” Those are the words of athlete-turned-business magnate Trisha Bailey as she discussed her new memoir Unbroken: The Triumphant Story of a Woman’s Journey with CBS News. The entrepreneur recounted her path to becoming CEO of more than a dozen companies in her book, which was released in early June 2023. 

Bailey’s story has not been without hardship. The Jamaican-born woman first arrived in the United States at 13 years old, where she lived with her mother and sexually abusive stepfather. Throughout high school, she found her niche as a track star and eventually brought her talents to the University of Connecticut. However, following graduation, she took a different route and became a stockbroker, a job that ultimately altered the course of her life for the better. 

“It built my foundation of financial literacy,” Bailey said about the career move.

“I already had the discipline from my childhood so, being a stockbroker, I was able to build my company within the organization of Salomon Smith Barney, which is Dean Witter now, so having that financial literacy embarked me into an amazing trajectory because I was able to invest the money that I have saved.” 

She has since built an empire, owning 15 companies and acquiring stakes in different investments. Now, she is considered the wealthiest Jamaican-born woman in history.

Bailey achieved her goals through dedication and hard work, even working 20 hours a day. “I  was giving everything I had because I knew that’s the only way that I would actually truly be successful in becoming a successful entrepreneur. So financial literacy in touch with the work discipline launched me to where I am today.”

Bailey also touched on her quest to heal from past trauma, revealing that she underwent talk therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. The experiences were life-changing for Bailey and served as a catalyst for her to finally share her story. 
Bailey’s memoir offers an intimate look into the philanthropist’s life, revealing her ultimate challenges and darkest experiences. However, it also tells a story of growth and perseverance. To read more about the book, visit here.

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