Candiace Drags #RHOP Co-Stars For Gossiping About Chris

Real Housewives of Potomac’s  Candiace Dillard Bassett read Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant for spreading rumors about her husband, Chris Bassett: “Worry about your boyfriends-for-hire and cheating husbands,” said the “Drive Back” singer. 

Candiace Dillard-Bassett x Gizelle Bryant x Robyn Dixon

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According to the Atlanta Black Star, a woman recently accused Candiace’s vanilla king of having an illicit affair with her and forcing her to “get an abortion.” The singer’s co-stars took that juicy story and ran with it.

Recently, on Reasonably Shady, the green-eyed bandits’ podcast, Robyn stated she believed that the rumor had to, at the very least, be partly true.

“I know people are probably gonna try to say, ‘Oh, we need more proof.’ I’ve seen, I’ve seen enough to kinda know that something was done that wasn’t supposed to happen,” the 44-year-old said.

Candiace And Social Media Users Drag Robyn And Gizelle Spreading Unreasonbly Shady Rumors About Chris


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Candiace came out spicy from the gate in response to Robyn’s conjecture.

“If you would just shut the f**k up and worry about your boyfriends-for-hire and cheating husbands, you wouldn’t have to post ‘proof’ that you weren’t behind yet another plot against someone’s family. Once again, the people of God are tired.”

Social media commenters had equally spicy responses.

A fan wrote, “The caucasity of the light skinned lizards never ceases to amaze. Robyn is constantly having to apologize for her roommates behavior and Gizelle pretending she was reconciling with Pastor Holy Whore for a storyline.”

Another supporter of Candiace said, “I shouted, I did. And then I said “fk yes, finally!” Fk it, whoever feels hit, take it up w God and stop speaking on bs. Sesame Street is not accepting new characters for their new season. They are ESTABLISHED, unlike some.”

“Attempting to break up families is her pastime. Sad hers was broken but the bitterness to so deeply and actively try to break up families is completely and utterly pitiful. Misery truly loves company”, another commenter added.

Candiace fans also flooded The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram post about the gossiping gal pals and asked questions about Gizelle’s ex, Jamal Bryant, and Robyn’s husband, Juan Dixon.


Gizelle who shares three daughters with Pastor Bryant, accused the man of God of infidelity and ended their marriage in 2009.

Her bestie, Robyn’s, marriage doesn’t seem ideal either, considering the Dixons cohabitated for over a decade after their divorce. They remarried last year, mere months after he was accused of linking up with a woman at a hotel. Robyn, of course, got skewered by #RHOP fans for keeping the relationship drama off-camera.

Granted, during the Reasonably Shady chat, Robyn did acknowledge she spoke from experience regarding Chris’ cheating rumors and added insight regarding adultery.

“These guys are so stupid,” said Robyn. “Why would they even entertain these women? And when I say guys, I’m speaking for my own as well. Why do they entertain these thirsty women? Who are fans.”

Gizelle replied, “I’m not gonna talk about yours, I’m not gonna talk about Juan, but I’m just going to say that some of these guys are miserable, unhappy, unhappy at home.”

That statement was giving frenemy.

Candiace and Chris married on Real Housewives of Potomac in August 2018 after dating for two years. They recently celebrated their five-year anniversary. The pair currently has no children together, but Chris has three children from former relationships.

What do you think about Candiace’s clapbacks towards Robyn and Gizelle?

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