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Charlamagne calls Usher a “Terrorist” after serenading his wife

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Usher, a legendary R&B artist, has been picking out women to serenade at his Las Vegas residency.

However, these serenades have made some of the women’s partners feel some type of way,

The most recent victim of Usher’s flirtations is Charlamagne Tha God, co-host of the iHeartRadio program The Breakfast Club.

Charlamagne and his wife of almost 10 years, Jessica Gadsen, attended Usher’s performance in Las Vegas.

During the show, Usher made his way toward Gadseb and gave her a private performance.

Watching his wife be pleased over Usher, Charlamagne expressed his feelings on his show. He jokingly said about Usher, “He’s a terrorist… Terrorists come to you, he don’t bring you on stage he comes to you.”

It was only months ago Darius Jackson, Keke Palmer’s boyfriend, took to social media after Usher serenaded his child’s mother.

Jackson wrote, “It’s the outfit, tho… You a mom,”, as Palmer wore a black long-sleeved sheer polka-dot bodysuit outfit. The uproar caused many individuals to dislike Jackson, especially after they found his old tweets defending police brutality.

After the conflict between the couple caused by Usher, many individuals thought he would stop approaching beautiful women at his concerts. However, Usher continued his gestures, getting on many husbands’ bad sides.

In addition to singing to Gadsen, Usher also gave her a dozen roses.

YouTube video

Usher made his way through the celebrities, going from Gadsen to Doja Cat, then to Jessica Alba, who “was sitting behind [Charlamagne] , he went to Jessica Alba started singing to her. She’s married, then had the nerve to look at J-LO and say ‘I don’t want no smoke with Ben Affleck.’ Well, what you want smoke with me for?”

Although Charlamagne was upset at the moment, he did enjoy the performance, believing that “it’s part of Usher’s show. I love it. The king of R&B.”

The video of Usher singing to Gadsen was posted on X. One fan wrote, “Usher wants all the smoke.”

No matter which husband is in attendance, Usher will seemingly find a female celebrity to honor. His controversial shows keep fans engaged and hubbies enraged as the Vegas resident gears up for his Super Bowl performance in Feb. 2024.

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