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Discover The Rockaways: Spend A Day On The Southern Tip of Queens

Located on the southern tip of Queens, The Rockaways stands as New York City’s best-kept secret among the five boroughs. Accessible primarily by car or the trusty A train’s final stop, this small strip has long been celebrated for its picturesque boardwalk and sun-kissed beaches. However, The Rockaways isn’t a one-season wonder; it has much more to offer as the temperatures drop. As autumn paints a new landscape, this guide will help you experience the hidden treasures of The Rockaways this fall.

A Sanctuary Stay at Rockaway Hotel & Spa

Photo credit: The Rockaway Hotel + Spa

A quick subway hop or a breezy ferry voyage from the urban buzz, The Rockaway Hotel + Spa is a sanctuary in Queens. Here, you can dive into the autumnal palette painting the leaves and savor sunsets that kiss the coastline. As you step into this oasis, let its diverse range of wellness experiences embrace you. Set in an enviable location, The Rockaway Hotel + Spa stands poised to be your gateway to local fall-themed festivities. From the Rockaway Fall Festival to its beckoning shores, this accommodation is the spot to soak in the season’s splendor. 

Places To Eat

Bar Marseille

Photo credit: Bar Marseille

Sitting on 190 Beach 69th St in the Rockaways, Bar Marseille derives its name from the port city of Marseille. This eatery is a true homage to Provençal cuisine infused with American influences. The establishment boasts a signature menu featuring culinary delights. Menu highlights include seafood tartare, a succulent steak sandwich au jus, an ahi tuna burger, and the classic steak frites.

The restaurant opens its doors for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday. On weekends, patrons can indulge in a delightful brunch. To top it off, Bar Marseille hosts daily happy hours at the bar. As an extra treat, you can relish breathtaking sunsets from the rooftop, just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

La Cevicheria

Photo credit: La Cevicheria

A great find on the Rockaway boardwalk, La Cevicheria is one of the most authentic eateries in town. Experience the taste of Peru with their wide menu of ceviche dishes for you to enjoy. 

Things To Do

Rockaway Brewing Company

What started as a backyard homebrewing project by owners Ethan Long and Marcus Burnett eventually evolved into a small brewery operation in Long Island City, Queens, bypassing its namesake peninsula. Now, the brewery has circled back to its origins.

Its expansive 3,600-square-foot taproom is a seven-minute stroll from the beach and resides within an industrial garage. This inviting spot draws in a diverse crowd of Rockaway locals and visiting cyclists. The laid-back brewery offers a rotating selection of craft beers from its chalkboard menu, all brewed with a local touch and no pretentiousness.

Visit The Little North Pole

Embrace the holiday season with a charitable twist by bringing your family to The Little North Pole. This annual event serves as a heartwarming fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes Research. Delight in the dazzling lights and festive Christmas decorations illuminating Far Rockaway’s streets, spreading joy and contributing to a worthy cause.

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