Dr. Sebi’s Daughter Talks National Holiday, Documentary, and More

Kellie Bowman, daughter of the late Dr. Sebi, owner of Sebi’s Daughters LLC, and celebrity nurse, is a passionate advocate for holistic health practices that can truly transform lives.

With a profound understanding of the mind-body connection passed down from her father, Bowman said she aims to offer a unique blend of insights that can empower informed choices for holistic well-being. While she said she loves how far people have come as it relates to education around holistic health and wellness, she doesn’t want to see the new generation forget where it started.

“I think a lot of people missed that point with my father it wasn’t the herbs that we saw out of him,” Bowman explained. “It was the commitment to his self.”

She added, “Even when they were down on him. Early in the ’70s and ’80s it was not popular to be a vegan or talk about sea moss, but he was doing it.”

Now as the owner of Sebi’s Daughters, Bowman is championing healthy living through clean eating, mental wellness, and more. As part of the site’s offerings, Bowman promotes the “celebrities of the garden” that serve as powerhouses to our overall health and wellness.

“They are my favorite because they are my superheroes. What it does for the body is allow it to maintain what it needs,” she explained.

Bowman also spoke about the Dr. Sebi documentary that Nick Cannon is working on and said she is more involved in making sure the documentary sees the light of day.

Press play for the entire discussion, and visit Sebi’s Daughters to learn more of their holistic product offerings.

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