Ed Reed talks Deion Sanders, Jackson State and BCU

Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Reed is back in the public talking about the Jackson State job as well as what happened at Bethune-Cookman.

Reed told The Pivot that he thought about taking the Jackson State job at the behest of Deion Sanders as he was preparing to enter coaching.  

“I talked to him before that because he was like ‘I want you to go to Jackson State,” Reed said. “I want to give this to you and nobody else.”

Ed Reed

Ed Reed said Sanders called him about the Jackson State job the day after he was called by Bethune-Cookman University. 

“He’s like, I want to give this to you man. I can’t think of nobody else who love them kids like this.”

Reed said he even sat down with Jackson State University AD Ashley Robinson about the job.

“I was like, I gotta go visit there too. I went to visit BCU, and I’m leaning to BCU because — if it’s about the culture, our culture — why not help the other one get up? That’s why I chose BCU over Jackson State. “Ashley and them (JSU) —  the bells and whistles was there. I was just like let’s build up another brother, sister HBCU while we’re here.”

Reed eventually had his offer rescinded at Bethune-Cookman after controversial comments he made regarding the conditions of the school on social media many times.

A recent report by HBCU Sports cites a source that states he is interested in the Grambling State head coaching vacancy.

Ed Reed talks Deion Sanders, Jackson State and BCU

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