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Exclusive: ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Stars Jasmine And Silas Are Having A Baby!

Exclusive: ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Stars Jasmine And Silas Are Having A Baby!
Antwon Maxwell

This past spring, a spinoff of Bravo’s popular Summer House series premiered, introducing us to a group of Black friends, authentically connected, as they as they took over Martha’s Vineyard for the summer — a beloved vacation spot for Black luminaries and everyday Black women and men as well. The cast of eclectic characters for Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard were all initially brought together by Silas Cooper and his wife Jasmine Ellis Cooper, whose travels to the island long preceded the development of the series (their first trip together while they were dating was to the location). For the filming of Season 2 (yes, they’re coming back!), which took place this past summer, the couple brought along a new house guest — their soon-to-be-born baby boy.

That’s right, the Coopers are preparing to welcome their first child soon. And while Silas, who you’ll recall from the show is in the Army, won’t be able to be present when the littlest Cooper makes his grand debut, that hasn’t impacted the joy that the mom and dad-to-be feel about this important moment.

We chatted with Jasmine, and got to send a question to Silas, who is stationed abroad in Eastern Europe, about welcoming their first child right after celebrating their first year of marriage, how she’s helping him to feel like he’s not missing out on anything, and their excitement about future trips to Martha’s Vineyard as a family of three with their littlest housemate.

ESSENCE: Congratulations! You guys just celebrated one year of marriage and now you’re preparing to expand your family. How are you feeling about preparing for this next chapter? 

Jasmine Ellis Cooper: Thank you! It’s been a crazy first year, and we’re just getting started. I think there’s no real way to prepare for one spouse serving overseas while the other is preparing to bring life into the world, but military families do it every day. There are three expecting fathers deployed with Silas right now who will also miss the births of their children, so it’s a shared sacrifice.  All we can do is take it day by day and trust that we’ve put in the work to receive this blessing.

How did you find out the good news? And if you don’t mind me asking, was this something you were trying for or has it been an unexpected blessing?  

Jasmine Ellis Cooper: We were trying—I had saved so many “Telling my husband I’m pregnant” videos on TikTok, but when I was sure that I was pregnant and found out that we are having a boy, I was so excited that we were expanding our family that all of those cute ideas went right out the window. I just remember being at home and jumping on him and screaming, “I’m pregnant! We did it, Joe!” in my Kamala Harris voice.

What are you both most excited about and what are you nervous about? Will this be your first time really being hands-on with a baby or have you had experience with the kids of family and friends?

Jasmine Ellis Cooper: Fortunately, we’ve both had prior experience caring for cousins and younger siblings. At this moment, Silas is excited about being the best role model and champion for our son. Right now, I’m nervous about Silas coming home feeling out of place or that he missed everything. I text him sonograms and heartbeat recordings from my ultrasounds or nursery designs, so he feels like he’s here every step of the way.

Exclusive: ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Stars Jasmine And Silas Are Having A Baby!
Antwon Maxwell

Silas I know that you were recently deployed to Eastern Europe, as you’re in the Army. How are you coping with the idea of not being able to be present for the birth of your first child?

Silas Cooper: My commitment to my mission and my soldiers realistically doesn’t put me back in time for the birth. I know my wife has both of our moms and a phenomenal doula, so I try to focus on all the support she has with her so I don’t get too down about not being able to support her in the way we always envisioned.

Do your Summer House housemates know the good news? Those you’re closest to that is. 

Jasmine Ellis Cooper: Given what we know and hear about high-risk pregnancies among black women, I prioritized getting through the first trimester before saying anything. For me I had to prioritize feeling safe and comfortable before sharing the news. Only our families knew before filming this upcoming season. My housemates know now, but filming Season 2 was honestly wild and I’m excited for our SHMV viewers to see how it all plays out.

Who from the cast would you trust to babysit and who would be a hard pass on calling for such services? 

Jasmine Ellis Cooper: Logically, the folks in New York would be the first people we would call. Fortunately, our son will be born into a large family, with six grandparents who will adore and support him. So, I doubt we’ll have to phone our Summer House family.

Is it safe to say that getaways to Martha’s Vineyard as a party of three will happen soon?

Jasmine Ellis Cooper: The goal was always to bring our children with us at some point. A part of what made our first Martha’s Vineyard trip so special was the multigenerational presence, it’s exactly what we strive for in life: a perfect balance of turning up with friends and staying present with our family. I’d love to pack his little outfits too!

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