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Experience Ultimate Comfort On Your Travel Adventures With Lunya’s Slumberknit

Most travelers want to get good rest while on vacation. While everyone is different, getting comfortable sleep in new destinations is an unspoken travel luxury many look forward to. Beyond soft mattresses and a relaxing atmosphere, the only thing missing from your next vacation nap session is Lunya’s Slumberknit. 

Lightweight and soft, Lunya’s Slumberknit sets are perfect for power naps and a full night’s rest. The sets are essential for travelers who spend a lot of time outside of their own beds. The buttery blend of organic cotton and fibers provides an extra layer of comfort everyone desires after a day of travel adventure. 

Although Lunya is known as a pioneer of washable silk sleepwear, its new Slumberknit collection redefines comfort and makes bedtime a luxury. With four different sets to choose from, Slumberknit elevates rest wear for travelers no matter their destination.

Lunya's Slumberknit

Organic & Natural Comfort

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Lunya’s proprietary Slumberknit design provides maximum comfort that makes resting more enjoyable and tranquil. The sets are crafted from a blend of natural cotton and fibers from beech trees. This combination creates an exceptional garment perfect for extended sleep sessions and lounging when traveling. 

Unlike many travel pajama sets, Lunya’s Slumberknit has been designed to soothe and relax. Traveling is exciting. However, vacations can be accompanied by stress and anxieties that make it difficult to get good sleep out of town. Slumberknit is the perfect choice to tuck away in your suitcase on your next getaway. The signature knits are unbelievably soft and help travelers drift to sleep like a nostalgic lullaby.

Perfect For Every Destination

The new Slumberknit collection comes in two colors and two designs. Travelers can grab the short-sleeved short set or the long-sleeved pant set in colors emollient oat and deep blue. The best thing about Lunya’s Slumberknit collection is the versatility of the rest wear. 

The sets are perfect for any travel destination and can be worn year-round. The mid-weight, stretchy material is great for getting a good night’s rest. However, due to the extreme comfort, the sets can also be worn while relaxing in your hotel room and even on early morning flights. An opportunity to dive into indulgent slumber with every wear, Lunya’s Slumberknit collection is exactly what you need before heading out on your next travel adventure.

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