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Exploring Fly and Swap Vacations: Is It Worth It?

Fly and swap is an innovative travel concept that has recently grown in popularity. The gist of the fly and swap vacation is that a person can exchange their home and lifestyle with that of someone who lives in another country. In other words, it is like a life swap. This makes it an affordable way to travel and see new cultures and places. However, how does one go about swapping lives with another person half way around the world?

How To Do a Fly and Swap Vacation 

Fly and swap vacations ease international travel concerns and lessen the cost of travel. Pictured: maps on a table.

The steps to securing a fly and swap vacation are fairly simple. First, find a platform that has a community for home swappers and home exchange. This can vary from websites, services or apps and even Facebook groups. Being a part of a community is key since an important factor of home exchange is safety and security. 

Organizing the Agreement 

Discussing and agreeing on swap terms is the final step to secure a fly and swap vacation. Factors like dates, duration, number of visitors, procedures for handling potential losses or damages, duties and guidelines should be agreed upon in writing. Finding a person that shares the same lifestyle and interests is beneficial since swappers need to trust each other enough to care for each other’s homes. For example, if a person who dislikes smoking and lives in a smoke-free building comes back from a swap to discover their entire home smells like smoke, there would be an issue between swap partners. A contract protects both parties and outlines the terms of the swap agreement so that boundaries are clear. 

Preparation for the Swap 

Before embarking on the swap vacation, it is important to ensure the home you are leaving behind is cleaned up and organized. Any confidential information or valuables should be secured. Any instructions or advice should be left for the new occupant of the home. After getting in touch with the swap partner there may be specific preparations that are recommended to ease the transition from one country to another.

Benefits of Fly and Swap

The benefits of the fly and swap program are clear and they are more prominent than the downsides. Pictured: an individual going over an itinerary in a journal book.

Swappers can visit multiple destinations over time or organize long trips and visit multiple areas before returning home. Also, residents and locals can uncover unique locations that may not be well-known by tourists. This connection and information is a great benefit that generally comes from a (potential) swap partner.  

With fly and swap travel, your schedule and itinerary are up to you. Destination hopping is popular among avid travelers due to its flexibility. 

Swappers save money by avoiding having to book accommodations at their destination. Although a small fee is required to join many of the home swap websites, that fee is no comparison to the cost of hotels or rentals. 

Drawbacks of Fly and Swap

Travelers should do a comparison between the pros and cons of fly and swap programs before embarking on a trip. Pictured: a Black woman packing and listening to music.

There are also a few reasons that this vacation type may seem like a big risk. Sure, the vacation concept offers an adventurous opportunity to its participants, but there are also other factors to consider. 

Stranger danger, property damage, legal matters and potential culture shocks are concerns for any house swaps. But, the stranger danger and culture shock issue can be solved with community engagement before and after swap travel. 

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