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Extreme Dining Experiences To Have Around The World

Food has become one of the biggest motivators for travelers. There’s nothing better than heading to a new destination and experiencing incredible dining at world-class restaurants. Gastronomic tourism is on the rise and so are extreme dining experiences. 

Extreme dining really is what you make it. While some may perceive extremes as dabbling in exotic ingredients, others take it a step further. From dining in the sky to diving below the ocean for the finest cuisine, here are a few of the most extreme dining experiences to have while traveling the world.

Yacht Dinner Under The Stars In Cabo

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Los Cabo has been ranked by NASA as one of the top 20 places for night-sky research. This makes it a perfect destination for watching the stars and one hotel has capitalized by bringing the cuisine to the night sky. 

The Grand Velas Los Cabos takes dining to a new level with dinner under the stars. The culinary experience begins with a 3-hour cruise on the resort’s 55-foot Azimut yacht. Guests can catch panoramic views of the sky as they sail the waters of the Baja Peninsula. 

After the cruise, travelers will enjoy courses prepared on an open flame by the hotel’s two Michelin-star chefs. The resort also offers a brunch cruise during the day for travelers to bask in the beauty of the Baja Sur landscape. This extreme dining experience in Cabo cost around $30,550 for 10 guests.

Float Away With Flavor In Norway

Located in the Norwegian Hardanger fjord, Iris is a restaurant where extreme dining is the main attraction. The restaurant sits in the Salmon Eye, a floating art installation only accessible by boat. It’s described as “expedition dining” and the ambiance and food take travelers on a thrilling journey. 

Once you’ve gotten past the creative essence of the floating restaurant, this Norwegian dining experience walks guests through 18 curated courses. Each meal highlights local ingredients, unique flavors, and the possibilities of culinary greatness. Set to the backdrop of the mountains, dining at Iris is a true adventure into gastronomic extraordinaire.

Dine Under The Sea In The Maldives

Connected to the Conrad Hotel on Rangali Island in the Maldives, Ithaa serves up amazing cuisine from under the sea. The restaurant specializes in a fusion of South Asian and Western flavors and spices. However, many travelers dream of dining here because the entire experience is underwater. 

That’s right, dining at Ithaa involves going five meters under the ocean. Diners will enjoy their meals with a perfect view of coral reefs and sea life in the Maldives. The restaurant has a rating of 4.4 stars online and guests have rave reviews about the saffron Champagne risotto, black Angus beef tenderloin, and lobster carpaccio with reef fish tartare.  

An Icy Dinner Oasis In Finland

For those who dare to bear the cold, the Ice Restaurant at the SnowValley Hotel in Finland is an extreme dining treat. The entire restaurant is made of ice, providing a cool, igloo-like dining experience for guests. Reindeer is the main ingredient in many of the dishes and travelers can try the meat prepared in three different styles. Dinner is served in three courses and afterward, guests can unwind at their Ice Bar for instantly chilled cocktails and beverages. 

Eat In The Sky In Dubai

Although it’s gained extreme virality online, this list of extreme dining experiences would be amiss without dinner in the sky in Dubai. By now, you’ve probably seen more than a few social media posts about this food experience. However, there’s nothing better than checking it out for yourself. 

Dinner in the Sky has crossed over 60 countries serving guests from all over the world since opening in 2006. Travelers can enjoy food made by world-class chefs from the safety of a flying table. Sounds crazy right? It is, but this extreme dining experience is unlike any other from 50 meters in the air.

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