Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Setting Tinder Date On Fire

Destiny Johnson is facing a felony attempted murder charge.

Destiny Lenai Johnson, a 25-year-old woman from Miami, Florida, has been hit with a felony attempted murder charge after she was accused of setting her Tinder date on fire. She was arrested on Nov. 25, according to Miami-Dade County police records. 

The arrest report obtained by The Miami-Herald outlined that Johnson was charged with three different felonies: attempted murder, first-degree arson, and aggravated battery causing great bodily harm. She was taken into police custody after an altercation with her Tinder date outside of a Holiday Inn Express & Suites hotel in Kendall, Florida. She became angry with the victim and allegedly set him and his car ablaze, according to the charges filed against her. Although all the details surrounding the encounter haven’t been released, the arrest report detailed that when Johnson and the victim agreed to meet at the hotel, she approached his car with a gallon jug of gasoline in her possession. She became angry after asking her Tinder date for money to “fix her car” and started to scream the phrase, “You guys are out to get me,” before she began pouring the contents of the gasoline jug onto the victim’s vehicle and lit the inside of the car on fire using a lighter. 

After both the victim and Johnson caught on fire due to the size of the blaze, she fled the scene and was discovered and arrested later. 

The victim managed to run to the front desk of the hotel for help and survived his injuries after being treated for his extensive burns at the hospital. 

Johnson pleaded not guilty to all three of her felony charges, but a no contact order was issued between her and the victim and she was remanded to jail until her trial date. She’s in custody at the Miami-Dade County’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Johnson’s next court appearance for her crime is scheduled for Dec. 18.

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