Florida Woman Surprises Mom With First Home For Her Birthday

Nyomi Jackson surprised her mother, Wanda Fields, with a tour of her first home.

According to a video posted to TikTok on May 4, what Jackson’s mother thought was an Airbnb rental for her visit to The Sunshine State was actually her daughter’s newly purchased property in Jacksonville, Florida. Since posting, the prank has gone viral, amassing over 3.5 million views.


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“What many of you see in the video is my mom. She’s coming in from Virginia, where she currently resides, as well as my younger sister Nia, to come spend some time at what they think is an Airbnb with the rest of our family, in celebration of my mom’s birthday,” Jackson told Good Morning America.

“But what she doesn’t know … is that I [had] actually moved into the house within the last three previous weeks.”

The new homeowner’s younger sister, Nia, was also shocked at the news. The home is a major achievement for Jackson, who recalled their upbringing in a one-bedroom New York City apartment. She’s been working on her home for a year and wanted to present it to her family when everyone was together.

“She never said anything,” her mother told GMA. Jackson would take calls from her mother inside her closet, careful not to give away any hints.

“For my mom to see me purchase my first house and do something really incredible, I think it speaks volumes to what’s possible,” Jackson said. “If you have a vision, you stick to it, and you make it happen.”

Fields said she revisits the viral TikTok video sometimes just because the prank makes her so happy. Seeing friends, family, and strangers so receptive and supportive of her daughter’s moment of success makes her cry.

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